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Hello! Once I've never heard about bug with signs, I'd say it was misclick. Anyway I moved your topic to the appropriate section, please provide:


• Nick of your character + server 

• Aproximate time (Central European Time) when your staff returned to +6


If the adms can't check this for you here, you should contact the support team to investigate the situation.

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1 hour ago, Aкasha said:

Olá! Uma vez que eu nunca ouvi falar de erro com sinais, eu diria que era erro de cliques. De qualquer forma, mudei o seu tópico para a seção apropriada, forneça:


• Nick do seu personagem + servidor 

• Tempo aproximado (Tempo da Europa Central) quando sua equipe retornou para +6


Se as adminas não podem verificar isso aqui, entre em contato com a equipe de suporte para investigar a situação.

My nick is LUCCYX on MC, I used sign winning on mission between 10:00 pm and 11:00 pm

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6 hours ago, Aкasha said:

EU-Emmerald, certo? Ontem 19.04.2017 às 10-11pm CET? 


Yes, Eu-Emmerald, if happened 18.04.2017 at 10-11 pm,  Dkminho is my friend, I know him out of the game, he who made the application, he was on my side the moment this happened, he is proof

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20 минут назад, Dkminho сказал:


Then is this correct tbe sing even falied


Oh, I see the issue now. It was actually Susilyc who tried to amp the staff (as you should have mentioned in the initial post). The Imperishability Sing was not used in fact, that is why the staff became +6. 




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