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Idea for New skill


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Suggestion for new charmer skill

Recharge: 5s
Mana cost: X every 3s

This is a skill that needs to be channeled. While channeling the charmer can not move or use other abilities.
Area of effect: 5x5.
Number of targets: 4/5/6/7 players, And unlimited for monsters.

Name: Storm of darkness

Range: 5m

description: Creates a storm in the selected area dealing magical damage every 3 sec, consumes mana continuously while the ability lasts.

Dmg: 20/30/40/50+30%/35%/40%/50% Of your magical damage.

To cancel the ability is only to perform a move command or reactivate the ability

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23 hours ago, James Woodward said:

to be honest, anything that isnt a stun skill or silence is good for me.

Expert passive stun+dmg applies to charmer damage skills as well as auto swing. So.. this would be another stun when dark aura is up.. aoe stun + dmg from dark aura + dmg from tics of 'storm of darkness'. This could be strong and give favor to staff play.. which i think is lacking for charmer atm.


Does charmer need another aoe stun? Does the prerequisite of knowledge of the dead man give excuse for charmer to have that in their arsenal?


I'll take it.



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Healing aura sounds useful.. or more party/single target buffs similar to eye of darkness.. reduce targets cooldown by x% for x seconds..


Really would like more support skills.. I think this style of charmer could be funfun.

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honestly i'd like some more support for our summon like a skill called charmers mark where you could mark a target and for it's duration your summon will be agrod to it and deal extra damage 

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Why not making a 2nd summon skill, but this time the "Ghost" relies on the Charmer's magic Damage?


( dogs and ghosts... why not? :3 ) 

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isn't it should be dogs and cats? :jackie_chan_wat:

cats are related with sorcery, witchcraft, dark magic, ancient god, etc.

so I think it's suitable for magic damage

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if another summon, phys doge and magic based ghost/cat/whatever.. that would be super cool for mace builds..


but I think it would be too strong.. unless limited to having one or the other out at any point in time.. 

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