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Hey there!

So I've been playing Warden since the release and now I'm at lvl22, and I think it was enough to figure out what it needed as the two remaining expert skills from my own point of view, might as well brainstorm some ideas, maybe it'd help to inspire devs in a way or another to create the new skills (If not done yet).

First I'm gonna start with giving a general opinion about the class and its possible roles and aspects in the game.

First of all, Warden is tanky af. :biggrin:

According to the green bar that appears at the beginning of the process of making a new character, it has a full defensive capability, which by the way exceeds Barbarians and Deathknights, the only thing is that it has lower damage, single target and AoE control, and movement skills.

With that much tankiness, it can tank 1v1 very efficiently and better than any other class, but I don't think it has a big role in group play, because it lacks the AoE control, further more, the lack of movement skills (Jump/Rush) and ranged disables, it could be kited forever and ever. And in dungeons, it deals way too low damage to be as useful as other elf tanks.

Anyways, let's not make this topic too long as usual.:tongue:

In my opinion, Warden doesn't need any more defensive skills, it should rather have some more damage or AoE control to be viable in its alliance. Here are my ideas:


**Numbers in all skill suggestions are subject to change of course**


1- Repulsive Jump (Active) : The warden rush-jumps to a certain place creating with his heaviness a strong earthquake pushing away surrounding enemies and locking their movement for a certain amount of time, enemies will still be able to use skills and attack. (The effect is similar to Mage's Illusory Chains)

Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Jump range: 4 yards.

Push radius: 3x3 around the Warden.

Knock-back distance and lock duration depend on skill level: 1 yard - 1 sec, 2 yards - 2 seconds, 3 yards - 3 seconds, 3 yards - 4.5 seconds.


2- Survival Rage (Active) : Warden enchants his weapon for some time increasing his physical attack and critical hit and increases the chance to deal a stun with each attack (The stun stat). Buff duration and amount increase with studying the skill.

Cooldown: 45 seconds.

Buff duration: 5/7/10/14 seconds.

Buff percentage: +2% > +4% > +6% > +8% to physical damage, critical hit chance, and +2% > +3% > +4% > +5% to stun chance.


3- Deadly Path (Active) : The Warden casts an aura on himself, increasing his movement speed and periodically damaging surrounding enemies around the Warden. While the skill is active, warden's defense is decreased.

The skill's duration increase with skill development, and the damage depends on the character's physical damage and skill's level.

Cooldown: 25 seconds

Buff duration: 2/4/6/8 seconds

Damage: 5% > 9% > 13% > 17% of the character's physical damage.

Warden's Defense is deceased by: 5% > 7% > 9% > 10%


That's it..

Thoughts? Ideas?

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These are very nice ideas, i love these skills, especially the last one.


1) nice, exactly what a tank needs. Crowd control without stun will be good in pve without adding even more stun to pvp wich is too much annoying. but will dev give dk a rush/teleport skill then?:blush:


2)increase the buff duration, or it will really be useless: dark power for instance is 15sec at lvl1 if im not mistaken, and it give +5%dmg to all pt members, with same CD. With such a low duration u will have 2 hit buffed at 1/4, wich is very low dmg for a 45s CD expert. I suggest the duration and dmg should be increase, to compete with hatred aura/dark power/valor aura.

I'd also preferred it without stun, the percentage is low, the duration low=i guess it will annoy ennemies when u stun them and make u mad when it never activates. Pretty much like mage fear (with blazing grond). I think it would be better to increase dmg and remower those low chances stuns.


3) I love it. But the duration is very short. I think make it like 5/7/9/12s it would be better, or it won't help u much especially if u are attacked by mobs. I didn't understand if the dmg duration is the same as speed increase duration. If it is the same at least the duration shoulds increases. Also with that few dmg i think there should be many ticks, or really the dmg will be low.

I suggest 5/7/9/12s duration, with 1 tick every two second, and 15/17/20/25% of the character physical power


And just remove the def decrease, i really don't see why, it will only be annoying. At least don't make it increase with skill study.

I know with this 50% dmg reduction skill, ur def will be way enoguh anyway...


What leads me to my second part: these two tank expert skills...

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I think these two expert def skills are just too much op. I suggest to nerf them and to give warden more dmg, since i don't understand why to make such an easy tank and why to give it so less dmg: it will be both op asf in dg and annoying bcs of low dmg.


I)1) dmg reduction skill: excellent in pve, and op in pvp, but since for the rest warden can't do much in pvp it's not a problem.

In itself the skill is ok in my opinion, but with the second it's different.

But as it is i would suggest to drain hp for every hit blocked, or for a certain amount of dmg, or to give it a limit duration, shorter than CD, so that u have to use the warden spirit shield alternatively, and have to hold some time without this buff.


2) block-heal skill. This skill is quite bad for pvp but op in pve. Go to lab with lvl24 warden almost 20% block, 4/4 block-heal skill and 2/4 dmg reduction skill, u almost go away for 5min and leave ur warden killing the boss, even without ls (400hp for each block, mobs hit u ~100dmg with dmg reduction skill). With warden spirit and agro heal almost any warden can do it.


3) Dmg: this class as low dmg it's incrdible, especially if u use shield it seems boring. Let's give it more dmg skills.



II)What it think would be nice:


heal block skill: after every block, the character receive a buff to def and attack. Maximum of buffs: 10. duration: 15/20/25/30. dmg buff: 2/3/4/5% (so 20-30-40-50% if 10 buffs) def buff: 4/5/6/7%

Like this i think it will still be an very good pve skill, giving warden more dmg, still increasing it's def (i know it's not much better than barskin, but the dmg buff is strong and the warden would still have a lot of def skills), but the warden won't be able to heal himself and hold indefinitely while doing nothing.


dmg reduction skill: i would say limit the duration: but it wouldn't make sense with the constant mana suck. I suggest make mana be consumed proportionnaly to the dmg dealt. Like this in pvp one would be able to take warden down faster. (50% dmg reduction is really huge in pvp in my opinion)

like 3 mana for every 200dmg absorbed? it would be 15mana for 1000dmg absorbed (so 2k dmg dealt by ur opponent). Not very sure if the amount of mana is fair nor if the suggestion is good. Anyone who can help is welcome. leave the same percentage the same at all lvl it seems ok.


dmg: i don't know all expert skills, but i think warden really needs an additional dmg skill to make sense in pvp, and to be more useful in pve. But don't have any special idea atm.



I am well aware of the fact my suggestion for block-heal skill will totally change the skill, but i don't see how to balance it well if it stays like this: atm it's very op (bcs it's on warden who takes so few dmg), but if dev start to reduce the healing it could become useless quite fast.


Sorry for my english, good luck to all especially for ur new classes, and sry if i made mistakes.

Don't forget to express ur opinion, i think it's hard to add a completely new class in the game and to have it balanced immediately.:give_rose:


Btw don't worry i will critisize the 3 other new classes soon xd.

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Another idea for heal-block skill:

heal only the amount of dmg blocked: it will be more fun in pvp and less op vs low dmg mobs in pve, but the spirit of the skill will still be there.


i still think warden needs dmg, and that there should be a way to stop dmg reduction skill (time limit, or mana consumption depending on dmg absorbed)

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Double edge:

Warden strikes a mighty blow at melee range, damaging both himself and a small area around the target (2yards around target). Warden cannot die from Double Edge.


Blocked fully only when it misses primary target. When blocked, warden takes no damage either.


  • The damage radius is centered around the target, not around Warden.
  • The self-inflicted damage is never lethal, so it cannot be used to deny oneself.


Damage depends on wardens hp: 10/15/20/25% of wardens hp is dealt as damage


Range: melee





(Dota1&2 centaur double edge skill)


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