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Skill bug?: Word of Power (priest)


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Hi there,


Firstly, my apologies If this issue has been resolved or another topic has already been made about it, I haven't been active on forum in a while and i've recently returned to the game. i've checked for a topic on this and there doesn't seem to be one. 



₪2₪ Word Power

What this skill does is casting a curse buff on your enemy for a duration of time,if your enemy casts any skill during this duration,he wil loss an amount of his energy.

Even if his energy was less than that armount,his energy will become minus,means the enemy will need to regenerate his energy from minus to zero,then regenerate the required energy to cast a skill.

Raising the skill's level will increase the duration and the amount of energy that your enemy losses.



If you apply Word Power onto an enemy with low energy and they use a skill, Word Power no longer takes the full energy cost of the skill from the enemy below zero mana. I checked all the recent announcements to see if it was listed as a skill fix/nerf, but I couldn't find it and after experimenting with the skill I realised that may not case because it would render the skill unusable against bosses and impractical against most players. 


Screenshots can't show this bug, but it's very easy to recreate and I can make a video if needed. 


Thanks :good:



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