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[2017.05.31] Game servers stop. Brace yourselves, update 7.0 is coming!


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49 minutes ago, queltalas said:

Hi guys, any information for this event? 7.0 have halloween + cristhmas this year?:unsure: thanks...


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Why update didn't release yet?:fool: i can't wait any more. This is such a long break.

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doesn't was wrong word
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1 hour ago, Michael John Smith said:

20 hrs now when server up :cray:

Lol server is up since 1 hour ago xD

Moreover, it's not been 20 hours, but 5. What planet are you living on, dude? :rofl:

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On ١‏/٦‏/٢٠١٧ at 7:00 AM, blacknia said:

you need some brain man .you can buy it from mcoins gl .

100% stun 

50% stun chance 

 just asking simple qustion wich stun is good ? 

are you kidding ?? you dont know who i am ?

your lock +10 full cd cant win me 100% sure 


all i need 1skill window rap your lock , if you at US server you should know that 

durid is complet circal stun , lock have 1sec window that enghf for barb to rap it 

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