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[2017.05.29] Update Warspear Online 7.0: New Heroes. Preview

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26 minutes ago, Gladiator said:

I think it'd make more sense to get to choose between the full def heavy and full magic cloth armors, magic on heavy is too much, same thing for max magic staff or 1h mace with magic stats and tanky shield set.

In my opinion it would be best to use heavy for head and feet, maybe DD to get that defence bonus and cloth for chest and arms, to make sure you have the magic. :biggrin:

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Just a few Questions I hope you don't mind answering. 

A. Hunters 
охотник3.png Combat stance: increasing a physical power of a character and a chance to deal a critical damage to an enemy during a certain amount of time


Does this work like Rangers Blessing?

Or like Necros Dark Power?

does it Increase Physical and Crit %? Also what is it based on besides skill level? Damage Defence? char level?


I heard Speculation from other players that It will cost 5000 miracle coins just to create one of these classes is this just a Rumor? 


And Last. When will Character Buffs and Debuffs happen? Rogue now weakest class in game pvp and Pve. After reflexes were taken away the Rogues a Pincushion with no stuns and Mediocre damage in comparison to rangers with Fero Bow/Cbow... 


Just Curious A response to first two primarily Thank you 

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20 minutes ago, Peter_Munk said:


Can't tell you about expert skills yet, so let's wait for few days :)


Reading the descriptions and the basic skills about the Sentinel's heroes, I think to begin with a Warden. 

What's really Aggression Wave? Does it count the Warden Spirit as a buff for that skill?

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Well, honestly i had prefered haloween and snow events. I still have a lot of work to up my characters:biggrin: and i'd like CD, vampire, rage crystals and runes to be cheaper XD

Will there be the opportunity to buy chests to refuel with those enchants?


Great job anyway, i hope these classes will be fun, without making them op so ppl grind them fast before nerf:blush: Anyway im quite confident unlike many games that's not warspear style:give_rose:they have enough other ways to make money:biggrin:


Great to add a class that can use bows in mc side!! And a healer for mcs, a tank for elves, i think that's exactly what both factions needed. Gz devs


Thanks for adding slots in accounts to create these new heros, and thanks for the gifts!


Can't wait to see what expert skills they will have


Edit: didn't read everything: very good to add AoE dmg and AoE control skills for mcs, but on charmers? They already have 3 dmg, 1 heal and 1 stun as basic skills. They're going to be very strong.


Seeker seems amazing to me: It seems to me that there are a lot of different builds possibles for this character. And he won't suffer from mage eye since it is elf. let's see how it will do in game, i have a feeling like this class is hard to balance, that it could be easily made very strong or quite weak. Let's see!

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Hm.. exciting stuff


Guess who saved up 23 physical damage two handed swords on elf side? XD


New class? New clickbait for those who dont wanna read forums.

As well as another walkthrough.


Good job devs, but id have preferred xmas :(

Ill have to wait to use my 70 set ride tickets..



Lastly, you killed ranger, not by nerfing it to death, but by replacing it. :(

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I think the main reason of this update because drop of bow/xbow from legion side, and thus they create new class "Hunter".

The other 3 classes beside Hunter are just wild, rush and random day dreams, I mean those 3 classes aren't that necessary for now.

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Disappearance: a character becomes invisible for enemies and his movement speed increases for a certain period.


Like Wild Shaman. He runs so speed. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

12 minutes ago, Jzargo said:

I think the main reason of this update because drop of bow/xbow from legion side, and thus they create new class "Hunter".

The other 3 classes beside Hunter are just wild, rush and random day dreams, I mean those 3 classes aren't that necessary for now.

Yes very true bro..

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10 hours ago, Jackb said:

don't mean to be a pain here but this hasn't addressed any of the current in game issues. Firstly in the update statement it says that

so were forgetting about locks ability with 6 ppl to block a whole army from moving? Or rogues being able to move undetected to a flag and hit it without detection?

Secondly the main issue is the in game balancing, its already unbalanced when u removed counters power rangers blessing and upgrade mc skills, most elf classes cant stand up to a rogue ambush or a lock stun cycle or a barbs full stun cycle or a shamans blind and totem and running although it would seem the developers seems to not have noticed :! for example barbs skill cycle, full stun cycle and an immunity to controlling affects, then locks with their constant skill blocks and stuns. im starting to think the devs who actually play this game don't even play elfs, we just get left to the crumbs off the table whenever money gets spent on development. How many good updates have us elfs had? 1? the introduction of expert skills.


 Very true !!

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