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[2017.05.29] Update Warspear Online 7.0: New Heroes. Preview


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Warriors of Arinar!
This year we decided to celebrate the game's birthday in an unusual way. Experienced players are probably waiting for the returning of Horror Circus and Snow Boundary, but this time we have something completely surprising prepared for all of you - four new classes!
Each and every Warspear Online update brings new elements and functionality to the game, but none of them is as significant as update 7.0 that is going to be released very soon. Four new classes with all necessary skills including the expert ones will be available to all of you and each player will be able to
reexplore the vast Warspear Online world!
The war for the Spear has been lasting for the past nine years and it doesn't seem to fade
any time soon... While the heroes of both Alliances were trying to defeat each other on battlefields and arenas, there were new forces growing on their home islands. And now they are ready to reveal themselves and start fighting. Maybe, they are not as experienced as their comrades, but
The time has come to welcome new heroes of

Hunters are the true northmen
. They are loners by choice - usually Hunters break with their Clans and leave for a voluntary exile in wild forests. There, they group together as wolves in a pack. The beginning of the great war didn't affect them at first, but with years having passed and shamans having used all their persuasion, Hunters finally bid farewell to snowy forests, slung massive bows over their shoulders and went out to remote territories in expectation of a fine hunt on two-legged beasts.
Faction: Mountain Clans
Armor: light
Weapons: bow, crossbow
Role: damage dealing

Basic skills:

охотник1.png Deadly shot: a shot dealing increased physical damage to an enemy.
охотник2.png Stunning shot: a shot casting negative effect "Stun" on an enemy. The enemy cannot move nor use skills, damage doesn't remove the effect.
охотник3.png Combat stance: increasing a physical power of a character and a chance to deal a critical damage to an enemy during a certain amount of time.
охотник4.png Hunter's agility: increasing the "Evasion" parameter
охотник5.png Poisoned arrow: a shot casting negative effect "Poisoning". The enemy gets temporal physical damage, it is possible to use several effects on one enemy.
The Legion didn't have any classes that could deal ranged physical damage and that made the possibilities of Alliances uneven. Hunters with ranged weapons will improve this situation and also solves the issue of bows, crossbows and relevant decorative skins that cannot be used by Legion. Control skills and the possibility of dealing instant or sustained damage make him suitable both for PvP and PvE.

заклинательикона.png Charmer
Charmers are the new Forsaken recruits. Combining the best features of fighting sorcerers and heavy armored warriors, they are used to dealing both with staffs and heavy maces.
Charmers pass through initiation during an eerie ceremony in the darkest dungeon of Moraktar. Only few know what oaths are taken there and what price is paid by Charmers, the last hope of Forsaken, for the acquired power.
Faction: Forsaken
Armor: cloth, heavy
Weapons: staff, shield, one-handed mace
Role: support
Basic skills:

заклинатель1.png Dark prism: a magic attack dealing increased damage to an enemy.
заклинатель2.png Combat healing: instantly restores a certain amount of health point of a character or an ally and casts positive effect "Healing" that gradually restores health points during a certain period.
заклинатель3.png Weakness: reduces physical and magic defense of an enemy
заклинатель4.png Summon: summons a beast in a specified location. A beast deals physical damage to an enemy.
заклинатель5.png Oppression: magic attack dealing damage to an enemy and casting negative effect "Stun" for a certain period. The enemy cannot move nor use skills, damage doesn't remove the effect.
When playing for this class, you are free to choose whatever role you want. One may concentrate on damage dealing and weakening of enemies, wearing heavy armor and using control skills or something else. Also, Charmer will have skills of AoE damage and control, the lack of which is so strong on the Legion side during the battles for territories.

стражикона.png Warden
Wardens is a brotherhood of elf warriors having taken vows to Nuadu. Their goal is to protect each and every one. They have spent many years in remote temples practicing meditation and fighting. Every one of Wardens knows that you end up with only one of two choices after a battle: with the shield or on the shield.    
Faction: Firstborn
Armor: heavy, light
Weapons: one-handed/two-handed axes, one-handed/two-handed swords, one-handed/two-handed maces, spear, shield
Role: tank  
Basic skills:

страж1.png Mighty stroke: a stroke dealing an increased physical damage to an enemy.
страж2.png Aggression wave: casts effect "Aggression" on an enemy. The enemy character or monster lose the current target. When using the skills a character gets a buff, and after getting three buffs the character restores a certain percentage of his maximum health.
страж3.png Warden spirit: casts a buff on a character that counts all damage dealt by him. After the buff is removed positive effect "Force shield" is casted on a character. Force shield absorbs a certain amount of damage dealt to a character.
страж4.png Shocking stroke:a stroke casting negative effect "Stun" on an enemy for a certain period. The enemy cannot move nor use skills, damage doesn't remove the effect.
страж5.png Punishment: a stroke reducing the enemy's "Accuracy" parameter to zero for a certain period.
After the aggression system was changed in
update 6.1, Sentinels has a lack of classes that can tank in new conditions. Warden is destined for PvE and due to his equipment and skills he is able to survive a huge amount of damage when fighting bosses and in Dungeons. Damage dealing is not a primary goal of this class, but choosing certain skills and equipment will help him to feel comfortable enough when fighting other players as well.

Seekers are young and bold outlaws with plenty of opportunities opened to them after the war has begun. Who would like to tend sheep or turn up the soil when you can find fame and gold in faraway lands? Each Seeker is ready to go to the other end of the world and face any danger. Grey-haired paladins shake their heads when looking at
new generation, but even they admit that Seekers have no peers among adventurers. And every veteran will envy their skills with weapons!
Faction: Chosen
Armor: light
Weapons: two-handed
axe/sword/mace, spear, daggers
Role: damage dealing
Basic skills:

искатель1.png Split: a stroke dealing an increased physical damage to an enemy.
искатель2.png Harad's shield: casts positive effect "Force shield" for a certain period. Force shield absorbs a certain amount of damage dealt to a character. Also, increases character's physical power for a certain period of time.
искатель3.png Inspiration: increases character's "Penetration" parameter for a certain period.
искатель4.png Exasperation: increases character's autoattack damage while the skill is active, each autoattack reduces the enemy's movement speed for a certain period. The skill constantly consumes energy.
искатель5.png Disappearance: a character becomes invisible for enemies and his movement speed increases for a certain period.

Seeker can become invisible and deal a lot of damage due to using two-handed weapons and empowering effects. His invisibility will even Alliances' forces and open new possibilities on Arena. Moreover, the ability of using daggers will make them more popular among Sentinels. In opposition to Rogue, a Seeker cannot deal a lot of damage at once - it grows gradually. To unlock his potential, a Seeker needs to concentrate on surviving in melee combat, buffs collecting and using tactical tricks.
That's all for now, you can start choosing a new character for leveling up! More information about the upcoming update will be available on the release date.
See you in the game!

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And again they rush with these updates...  This game survives without new characters. Try read the suggestions and what really needs to be fixed insteed of rushing for that money all the time:mega_shok:

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i think this update so bad beacuse its too late. How about ranger rogue? both are weak please do something for make it balance, sorry my english bad.

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Please give each account 2 character slots more. I don't want to delete any of my heroes to test these new classes. (Edit: Thank you!)


Awesome. I guess the price of second-hand bows just surged on the Legion side.

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saw the russian topic
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8 minutes ago, Peter_Munk said:


It's gonna be 5 at first (I may be wrong)/

Gotta wait and see them to pick the new class, so excited.

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I wish the charmer was sentinel, it looks so fun with mixing gears. I guess it's time to make an MC main :good:

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1 minute ago, Gladiator said:

I wish the charmer was sentinel, it looks so fun with mixing gears. I guess it's time to make an MC main :good:

Exactly, it will be interesting to see, mix of heavy and cloth :blink:


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We are looking forward:blink:

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EXTREMELY unfair for elf rangers who have no stun "shot",  rather, a useless melee stun which results in their death. 


We don't need another pala class. 

We don't need a damage-over-time class that's worse than rogue. 

We need you to re-balance pvp and all the over powered stuns that mc side has. 


Why do you hate us elves so much?

Can you explain that to me, an elf player who's invested thousands of dollars into i this game? I feel like I'm PAYING TO LOSE along with many other elves. 

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Just now, sulo said:

charmer would be very op , because mixin heavy and cloth armor. Also can use staff:good:


Good luck trying to equip him properly this way without making just mediocre healer or useless tank without agro.

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