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Ideas For Skills

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So in this topic i will talk about some skills that i thought off

these skills are unique in there own way

now let's start with the first skill

(Note : the icons in this topic are altered game icons)

592b36a946ada_ethrealform.png.104d1586163b581475ef2b37aa3d4c71.png Ethereal form

When this skill is cast it will shift the target into an ghost that can't harm

or be harmed.When the target is in ethereal form he will take 100% damage from skills


skill development Stats :

level 1 - 100% skill damage

level 2 - 110% skill damage

level 3 - 115% skill damage

level 4 - 120% skill damage


Information about the skill :

- Many will say that 100% skill damage is op but what i mean by that is when this skill is cast the target will take all damage the skill should do

in other way hitting a target applied with this skill well deal no damage at all but hitting him with skill damage will deal 100% damage this skill should do

(If you still don't understand what i mean, hitting a target who is a applied with this skill with another skill, the other skill will ignore all armor)

- this skill can be cast on self, allies and enemy's there for the user should be careful who he use the skill on

- The target applied with this skill will not be able to attack but will be able to cast skills


592b396f5aa34_PureAttack.png.a14e3ea89f00c33a3dc9eb6612c2d7d4.png Pure Attack

This skill bewitches the weapon in order to ignore some armor in the next attack


skill development Stats :

level 1 - 10% armor ignore

level 2 - 15% armor ignore

level 3 - 20% armor ignore

level 4 - 25% armor ignore


Information about the skill :

- This skill will ignore both Physical and Magical defense

- The skill will ignore some skills 

like (Dark shield, Stone skin)

- if the attacked character is immune this skill will not work! 


illusen.png.efd99f84f24b04c0435fe526f69f8ab0.png reduplication

Make a copy of your self that have % of your health and damage


skill development Stats :

level 1 - 20% of character max health & 10% of max damage

level 2 - 30% of character max health & 15% of max damage

level 3 - 40% of character max health & 20% of max damage

level 4 - 50% of character max health & 25% of max damage


Information about the skill : 

- This skill will act like a minion and attack the same target you are attacking

- The copy have 30 minutes before death


592b3c66637f8_Firebreath.png.5d0f66f2b0ca4780a2b23d45c4a85247.png Fire Breath

The character Shoot fire from his mouth in order to deal magical damage

if the skill is developed pass 3 a burn debuff will be applied to the target 


skill development Stats :

level 1 - 200 damage + character Magical damage 

level 2 - 250 damage + character Magical damage 

level 3 - 300 damage + character Magical damage 

level 4 - 350 damage + character Magical damage 


Information about the skill :

- The burn effect this skill do will deal damage also depend on magical damage of the character


592b3dc3aff43_bobbleshield.png.b9a4c624927b04b70d6a99960fa79a5c.png Bobble shield

Shield the selected target with a shield that absorb some of the incoming damage and heal

any allies around the shielded target 


skill development Stats :

level 1 - 15% damage absorb 10% allies heal

level 2 - 30% damage absorb 20% allies heal

level 3 - 40% damage absorb 30% allies heal

level 4 - 50% damage absorb 40% allies heal


Information about the skills :

- The heal of the skill will be of the % damage absorbed

for example if a boss deal 1000 damage the the skill will absorb 150 and the heal will be from that 150

so 10% of the 150 is 15 heal to all allies 

- the heal might be little but note that the skill well not end after 1 attack it will stay absorbing until it end


Chaos!.png.0607a22d0ccf8e53d5c88fbce45862ab.png Chaos!

When activate target around the character will be stunned suffering from magic and physical damage

per second, after the end of the effect all target will be silenced, if this skill is leveled pass 3 

this skill will ignore immune targets


skill development Stats :

level 1 - 1 second stun 100 physical and magical damage per second 2 max targets

level 2 - 2 second stun 200 physical and magical damage per second 3 max targets

level 3 - 3 second stun 250 physical and magical damage per second 3 max targets

level 4 - 4 second stun 300 physical and magical damage per second 4 max targets, Ignore immune targets !


Information about the skill :

- This skill will not revel invisible enemy's all thought the skill will be applied to them


592b430c99fd9_Secondthought.png.defd7eb93f9e553ad4f8d785398775fa.png Berserk call

% of incoming attacks to allies will be redirected to the casting  character


skill development Stats :

level 1 - 10% of incoming damage

level 2 - 20% of incoming damage

level 3 - 30% of incoming damage

level 4 - 45% of incoming damage


Information about the skill :

- allies need to be in the same area as the character for this skill to work on them


desterping.png.ded3adab05bbe204d330e6af9c7c6cf7.png  Darkness


Cast a debuff on the enemy that will change it view, decreasing it accuracy and make him unable to see enemy unit


skill development Stats :

level 1 - last 2 second

level 2 - last 3 second

level 3 - last 4 second

level 4 - last 5 second


Information about the skill

- What i mean by "Unable to see enemy's" is that all noon alliance characters will become invisible to the cursed target

in other way, you and your party will be invisible  


Hope that you liked the skills !

Some are op others are weak for sure these skills need numbers tweaks but there main ideas are there.:biggrin:

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9 hours ago, TheCabbage said:

Like most of them. Reduplication's copies, though, have way too much time. I'd say 30 seconds to be better, with the time extending by 10s per skill level.

Yeah i guess you are right, i didnt think about balance much xD:biggrin:


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2 hours ago, James Woodward said:

Somewhere in there is a 50% max health damage, and that is terrifying

you mean the reduplication skill? it get 50% of max health only, and 25% of max dmg

so lets say that skill is for rouge and that rouge have 4000hp and 1000damage

they the copy will be at 2000hp and 250damage and this is at max skill level 4/4

also the time of the skill is stupid i know that 30s will be better

and we are talking about level 28 character.:drinks:

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