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Level 20 Magic Primay PvE weapons

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Magic primary PvE weapons for Level 20  (Two hand Maces , One Hand Maces etc..) and Magic Primary one handed arena Maces for all levels :aggressive: it would be a great help for level 20 / 18 Magic based Paladins and for some Death knights because when we equip a shield we can use Shield strike but paying the price of having low damage when it comes to magic based skills such as Banner,illumination and Harad's Call .. Higher levels can fix that from using Magic Primary PvE one handed mace along with an Arena Shield but when it comes to levels 18,20 we have no options in the game .. please consider this :good:

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Not really,  most paladins have 3/4 banner at level 20 rather than using skill points on other skills because it increases the banner active time (5 damage waves to be exact)..so other skills are still most likely no skill points added even at level 20, Magic is extremely important so why not just give it to us so we can be at our full class potential and being able to use all skills instead of choosing between good magic damage V/S Repentant strike :cray:..Barbarians have shield strike as well and they don't have to struggle between anything like us poor paladins because they have no need for magic damage ... And as for magic damage you'll be extremely surprised if you use a paladins with 320+ magic damage because the new age paladin is all about balance of magic and physical :drinks:

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Ask Magic based paladins like Mooshling/Mooshy for the benefit of having high magic damage ... Paladins are not Death knights since magic is useless for deathknight that doesn't mean paladin is in the same catagory, Most of the people consider pala useless in pvp because they haven't tried the Magic build yet , My paladin is only +6 and have 327 magic damage but i do 565 x 6 damage only using banner in arena...MMORPG's should have the option to make different varieties of characters from the same class  .. Since Paladins already have two handed version of Magic based weapons and Physical based no one will get hurt by giving us the One handed version of Magic based paladin :good:it's ultimately all about making the game play experience fun. I hope devs will consider giving us the one handed PvE magic mace for level 20 soon and also the one handed magic based arena mace for all levels.

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Of course I know the benefits of magic builds, but 2h magic builds, because it is more magic damage, and you don't lose as much physical DPS as 1handed.

But for 1handed I still didn't see why magic is better than physical damage, you'd lose a lot of DPS, also shield strike depends on physical damage.

But sure, for builds varieties, I'm not against adding more gears at all. I agree with your suggestion.

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Seriously though, if a Paladin uses 1h with magic first stat and he think it's good, I'd like to see how it works and learn about it, I can't risk amping one to test for budget purposes.:biggrin:

What I mean with good, is that it does what 1h physical damage first stat or 2h magic can't do.


Back to topic, I really like the addition of those weapons, it gives me the impression that the next updates will have more varieties in gears, which I totally support, most importantly, is that they add several types of those melee weapons in each event or dungeon, to give everyone a chance to have choices and pick.

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