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Fake Mechas/False Accusations


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Just wanted to clear up a few things. 

In a nutshell: I never said Youanoob is Kellysweet; Waheed never stole/scammed my guild, it was Rowgen, who later renamed it and sold it to Waheed; and here is that list of my Lv20+ Characters. 

Emerald Server
Mecha (Death Knight)
Mechabone (Shaman)
Mechavenom (Necromancer)
Mechaghost (Rogue)
Mechagolem (Barbarian)
Mechamajin (Warlock)
Mechxy (Shaman)
Mechailyx (Ranger)
Mechabolt (Druid)
Mechamania (Bladedancer)
Mechadeity (Priest)
Mechachaos (Paladin)
Mechablaze (Mage)

Sapphire Server
Mechaskull (Warlock)
Mechaghoul (Necromancer)
Mechamatic (Ranger)
Mechasage (Priest)

I also have lv18 Shaman on Pearl Server (Mecha)


I am NOT Mechatitan or Mechalock

If you see anyone else with a name similar to mine, it isn't me. Be careful. 


Mods, feel free to lock/move this thread if necessary. This is not a drama topic and it doesn't need to become one. The purpose of this is to inform everyone of the truth, clear up these false rumors and accusations, and warn people of possible people pretending to be me or using my name. 

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