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Warspear in Modern Life


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What will happens when warspear's character live in modern time? Which one is your favorite or even representing yourself?


Necromancer - Archaeologist, Gravekeeper, Forensic Team


Love with skeleton and dead bodies. But most activities that including corpses are illegal so they become an archaeologist to fulfil their needs.


Death Knight - Playboy, Womanizer, Ladies man


Once pulled their enemies to death, now they only pull pretty girls.


Warlock - Introvert, Socialy withdrawing, Modern hermit


Once could control crowd, now they afraid of crowd. Mostly they are addicted gamer, weeabo, or programmer.

Skill build : Stone Body 24/7, Power of Relaxation 4/4, rest of skills 0/4-5




Shaman  - Doctor


No one believes in spirit healing anymore so they become doctor

Barbarian - Hipster


Once were feared, now they are admired. Once barbaric, now they are following latest trends.


Rogue - Stalker


Once stalked their prey to death, now they stalking someone on internet 




Druid - Nature lover, wants to be nature activist like Greenpeace member or WWF member, also vegan


Once nature's watcher and guardian, now they only watched it in BBC earth, animal planet and others in TV & internet. 24/7 will post about nature problem  in their social media but mostly ignored by their friends.


Blade Dancer - Receptionist, Cashier clerk, Bank teller, or any work with counter desk