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I left the game bacause they messed up healers with that healing aggro i was wondering if it's still there? Or any better than at the start?

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i love the new agro system

at 1/5 already quite good. when farm u need spam skill agro 4-5 time at beginning then ur healer and dmger shouldn't have problem.

In dg it is quite efficient. u agro one mobs the two other of the group attack you, even if they are a bit damaged by other members. Only with mage in pt i can't agro mobs group... XD

There are also relics that improve a lot ur agro if u don't lvl up the skill. should be quite efficient (+30% and +60% agro). And if u improve the skill it is quite OP. for instance when we farm boss when 75% hp down bd come and make it evade i can't do anything although i got 2 times his dmg and was perma agroing since begin farm:/

Im gonna make dk with 5/5 agro i'll tell u how it is doing


(I agree winter dg where impossible: we failed at 12 with full +7/8 pt, with 3 healers...

Spring dg were less hard. Well, at least with some classes and some lvls they were quite easy, while impossible with other classes or lvls)


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