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Kixaba, EU-Emerald


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Theme: Chambers of Memory; located in Melvendil, Isle of the Firstborn.



  • 2 teams in every battle
  • 3 players in each team
  • 3 capture points
  • 6 symmetrical passages
  • 6 symmetrical teleport mechanisms

Unique Feature: The Green zone/area is where all Expert Skills are disabled. In other words, only basic skills can be used. (Expert skills make quick eliminations; sometimes it’s hard for some classes to react spontaneously, which is not fun at all. Okay, about relics; they are plenty fun because who doesn’t love RNG)

This Green zone/area defines the central theme and the essence of the Chambers of Memory.

The chambers where power is locked; a memory where experience and knowledge are the key

Image of The Chambers of MemoryScreenshot_20170409-083950.png

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