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Stolen but unrecoverable.

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Hello ladies and gentlemen. 

I would like to inform you that my rogue senpailex was stolen by an ex friend whom i trusted, which is dracton (also Dractonz) ALSO STUNS AKA MAILIWDXB ( Both are known scammers ) 

As how it was stolen it goes like this, he was on my death knight and he stole 9k cc i confronted him, His reaction was denying it at first, then he stole rogue and changed it into his own email.

Ofcourse, he will claim that is his rogue ( which is not ), I'm asking the GMs to do something about it, Atleast ban the account. 

I've also friends who can agree that rogue is mine.20170330_141127.png20170330_141023.png

Sincerely, Anonymous.

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