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how about a survival mode in arena?


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how about a survival mode....with group of 10 or 5 mc elfs fight 1x1?


e1 vs m1 ..winner e1

with leftover hp and mana he fights with m2...

so e1 vs m2...suppose he wins again(very rare) he fight m3 and so on...that team wins which has last man standing....could be used in arena...as currently its too boring

but we have to see about druids and shaman...they healers can actually come up with full hp from each match...so gotta see to it...or make like that as soon as ur opponet dies...ur buffs and heals get over...n u fight from that point...i think lowering heal can work too coz with crit heal this mode of arena will be highly unbalanced!...

but its devs job to see,,,i can only give suggestion and like all suggestions only 0.01 % is taken rest ignored i dont see it poving success against the odds.... :) 

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