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Bugged costumes?


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Hi, I was wondering if there was a bug with the new Carnival Queen and Carnival Dancer (female version)costume or if it was meant to remove the hair style...


I really like them but it's not worth buying if it leaves my character bald. Not that there's anything wrong with being bald :)

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What about Seawoman's Dress? it's really bugged while the carnival costumes perhaps intentionally to be designed like that


My waifu bugged :aggressive:

Yeah, and the Ice Queen dress on a human character, shoulders are lapping over. Dunno about elfs.

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Just buy them, they will be fixed now later like all previous ones. If not, then you can try baldness for once.

Sun is hot, sky is blue, water is wet, what can we do?

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It's not only about the profit of these costumes, but would be sad to see a beautiful costume rejected by several players because of the hairstyle.

I care about, because this event is particularly special for me. And also the original Carnival queen/dancer usually aren't bald, no one is requesting any absurd here.

If fixed, everybody wins, Aigrind and players.

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