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The origin of NPC names of Warspear Online (UPDATED REGULARLY)

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When I played Warspear Online I always wondered what the names of the bosses actually mean. Why were they named as they were.


I made a little effort to get to know what lies beyond the names and here I would like to share with you what I found.


<-- Cicada -->

As a non-native English speaker I never got to learn too much about insects. Of course I know basic ones like fly, wasp, bee, etc. But actually I never met with the family of Cicadidae, or simply: the cicada. In my language it has a completely different name.

This is why I had no idea so far what the name of the ever wandering miniboss in the Astral Labyrinth actualy means. Now I know: Cicada simply means cicada.


Actually, ingame it says "Annoying fly" - well, cicadas have nearly nothing to do with flies. They are not even near relatives.



<-- Kronus -->

The raid boss dwelling in the very bottom of the Astral Labirynth is surely one of the greatest work of the game's graphic designers. About his name... There are two possible origins.


> Chronus (or Kronos) was the son of Uranus and Gaia. He is the Titan of Harvest, often depicted with a scythe or a harpe. According to the mythology, he castrated and deposed his father Uranus. (Crazy, that from the testicles Chronus threw in the sea emerged Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty.)

Chronus became leader of the Titans but was later overthrown and closed into the Tartarus by his own son Zeus.


> Chronos or Chronus (not to be confused with the Titan Chronus) is the personification of time in Greek philosophy and literature.

He is often portrayed as an old wise man with a long beard and is often called Father Time.


Now which of these have any relation with the raid boss of the Labyrinth?


Kronus is most likely to be originated from the Underworld (in Greek the Tartarus, the place where souls were judged and -if necessary- punished) where the Titan Chronus was also locked. He is also a creature beyond time, which makes him related to Chronos, Father Time too.

Personally, I cannot decide. Both origins make sense.


(There is also a Kronus in World of Warcraft as an Elite NPC.)


<-- Bazilleus -->

A creature from the Astral Labyrinth once again. This miniboss lives (or dies, when killed) in the Belly of Kronus.


Bazilleus is most likely to be an altered form of" bacteria" or" bacillus". In German, bacteria is called "Bazillus", and it only takes a letter "e" to arrive to the hell-bent creature of the Belly.




That is it for now. I may keep updating this post in the near future with more creatures.


Feel free to comment!

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Was an interesting read indeed.

I've always been interested in the names of Reyn and Kabal and how they're connected. The only connection I found was that there are Mortal Kombat characters called Kabal and Rain. So, there's a challenge for you.

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Kota Ravva= in Indo-malay language can be spelled Kota Rawa, that means Swamp City

Dukkun= in Indo-malay language is a shaman

Meniru= in Indo-malay language is a disguise or copy

Kepala= in Indo-malay language can be head or leader/chief

Harad= one of human race in Tolkien's books, enemies of the alliances

Nadir-sard= maybe is Nader Shah, Iran leader long time ago

Ifrit= Ifrit is a famous genie/djinn in islamic literature, known for it's ferocity and strength

Valdemar=King of Denmark

Elm= kind of a tree

Somarra= "Samarra", city in Iraq, or maybe it refers to Sumer one of the oldest civilization, also in Iraq tho

Fjalar= dwarf from Norse mythology that killed a giant



not even NPC tho, but I think It's related with historical event

Bull statues in Heroic Berengar tower=it may refer to Brazen Bull of ancient Greece, it was made from bronze and used to execute people by inserting people there and burn them.




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