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Typhoon the Avenger


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Hi all!

Looking back at contest post and noticing there's only a few days left :shok:

So i finished in a hurry and here i am!



First i would like to congrats everyone for their drawing, i have seen very nice work but was to lazy to post on all topic:/



So the little story:


Typhoon is the lord of the undertows, but sometimes he needs to take a human form in order to unleash his wrath on the ones that offended him.

While he usually has no form, being in every particle of water, when he gets out of the water he then wears his wonderfull armor:


The armor is made of a single vortex of sea water, whirling so fast it reppels any object that would be near.

His shoulders and feet are covered with the foam created by the vortex, and he has got a coral girdle with a starfish around his hips.

Finally his heaume was made with the head of a dead gian shark to terrify his ennemies.




I hope you like it, especially devs ;D

Sorry for brightness i had to scan and it's not working very well...

Ty Daria for pictures of naked character. Bright idea! :good:  :D


Good luck to all, may the best costume win, but as for what i have seen im sure we will soon have a very nice new costume in game!


Photo (1).jpg



My bad, not looking at rules...

There is the pixel costume.

Could someone tell me fast if it does not match requirements, i think it's 22*43 so should be good...

costume pixel 3.PNG

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