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Gaarhan's Abomination

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Lotta fleshy grossness, wears a stylish brown overcoat and some high quality yet suprisingly affordable black pants. Has one eye so buying glasses may be hard.



After the war Gaarhan was punished for his actions and his pride and resources were left in shambles. Fearing that he may fade off into obscurity he decided to do something to show his power without completly pissing off Harad or Nadau or whatever. He decided to make soldiers. In a small village on whatever island the devs decide to make next he kidnapped the men, women, and children of the village and turned them into 1 eye fleshy monsters and set them loose into the real world to cause havoc. Well as it turns out the did just that and went way too far and Gaarhan had to act fast before they fuсk him over and draw too much attention. He decided to kill these things himself, but a few got crafty and outsmated him and still wander this island to this day.





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