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  • Quill: made from giant bird’s feather, it can be used to write on paper. Also used as a fashion style
  • Eyepatch: made from leather, used to cover damaged eye. It also can increase badassery
  • Headgear: made from leather to protect forehead, and to prevent hair from covering eyes
  • Leather Armor: made from wolf’s skin, commonly used by bandits and pirates because it’s easy to obtain
  • Armguard: it is bronze armguard, mostly consist of cooper. Bronze was used by paladins before iron armors were mass produced
  • Black Wool Sweater: made from sheep’s wools, used to protect from cold temperature
  • Leather Bag: made from leather, it used to store many things like papers, scrolls, books, etc.
  • Toeguards: made from iron, used for toe protection and to prevent tripped by pebble or other obtacles

Most of leathers are from wolf’s skins because wolves are overpopulated and threatened villagers and livestocks





          A long time ago there was a storyteller who was wandering from land to land, town to town, village to village arround Arinar to tell stories.  He gathered all tales, fables, folklores, myths, and legends from various place as storytelling materials, beside that he also created his original stories based on his own journey. He was the one who compiled many stories and made it into “1001 Ayvondil Nights” which become one of the famous books compilation. Some of his favorite story to tell with another people were “Paladdin and The Bloody Fire Genie”, “Ali Barba and Forty Rogues”, “SinBD of the Seven Seas”, “Sleeping Necro”, and “Ranger Hood”.


          His listeners mostly were children, but because he was so good at storytelling even adults, criminals, noblemen, and even kings also loved his stories. If his listeners were good people then he would  told a good ending story but when his listeners were naughty kids or bad person then he would  told sad ending stories, scary tales, or even cliffhanger stories to taught them a lesson.



          Under the moon light with million stars and sat beside firecamp, he told various stories while his listeners circling him, for some occasion he told his stories at tavern. Legend say if he still alive for centuries and keep wandering and storytelling from place to place and from time to time. His name, background and origin still mysterious till this era.





          Some sources said he was a former pirate but some said he was a scholar from Academy of Magic, Altgard. He was genius and expert at history, archeology, epigrahy, cryptography and he was a scribe. Even the archmage respect his knowledges. One day he found secret tomb beneath Langasard, it was Lizard Men ancient city ruins. There was ancient words of Tlalocs that were engraved in all over the wall, even Tlalocs themselves already forgot their ancestor language. For many years he lived at that tomb to translated those words. It turned out that those words were spell that made anyone who read it become immortal, and yes he accidentally became immortal. He also wrote some part of those spell in a piece of papyrus which now is known as “Life Scroll” that can ressurect people for temporary.


         For many centuries he had wandering Arinar, his body might immortal but his mind wasn’t. He was so bored to live because he almost done doing everything. He already tried to end his life but it was fail. One day he found a way to remove his curse of immortality, by reading some kind of forbidden book that could remove some of memories which is called “Oblivion Book”. He planned to remove immortality spell from his head, but instead he forget all his memories except those immortality spell, "oh irony". That’s how he ended up as nameless wanderer storyteller, each times he felt bored he read “Oblivion Book” to format his memories. By doing that he could felt again the first experience of joy doing something, like reread his favorite books. For the rest of his life he never felt bored again and enjoys his life.






Inspirations and References

Edited by Jzargo Archmage
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