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Could relics be used to change skill colors?

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Fact: Relics have an animation when they trigger (well, most of them)

Fact: Changing skill colors has been suggested before

Logic: If I put something on top of something else, I can't see what's under the top layer

Problem 1: Only works on explosions and flashes and auras (not a problem)

Problem 2: Some auras and shields are pretty transparent (I don't know how this game works when there are two transparent pixels both wanting to occupy the same place)

Problem 3: Skills whose duration increases when leveling them up (solution: limit this to only explosions and flashes)

Problem 4: This might be impossible on skills that are cast to the ground or on others; I don't really know how this game works

Problem 5: "That green puddle is safe, this green puddle is not... what does this disco death call even do?"


Anyway, fact-problem lists aside, my suggestion here is to add special relics to miracle shop/guild merchant/arena shop/bosses that change the color of the skill explosions/flashes/auras by sc. overwriting the original (they have a 100% chance to trigger).



[Crimson Dodge (Rogue)] - Changes the dodge activation flash to from light blue to red

[Purple Poison spittle (Necro)] - Changes the poison spittle explosion from green to purple

[Yellow Pool of Darkness (Warlock)] - You already know what this would do.


Also needs an NPC that sells the skills in their original color for 5g in every library.

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Your point makes sense. There should be some improvements in this visual effects, particularly I think the designers should take care about that not being an optional thing.. otherwise it would mess things up even more. it's more like a correction than a privilege.

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