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What happened to the Chaos Invasion Event?


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Hello everybody! :friends:


Well, aye. As the topic says, It's for 2 weeks now that I'm not seeing the Chaos Invasion Event in Irselnort. I wanted to ask if it was me missing them all the times, or if it's actually suspended as I thought.


Thank you in advance for the answer! :good:

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It's sad, when those events were new back in last spring event, so many people were there and tried to complete them.

But then they became lazy.

I'd have appreciated a post at least or a topic about the closing of the event.

And I liked it. I used to sneak in elf side with my rogue and activate all the pylons :/

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Chaos invasion requires some additional changes, so it happens less frequent (if happens at all, I don't even know myself). I am sure it will get back, it was fun.

Peter do you think it will be possible, one day, to let even other new bosses, besides Nab-Shiggurat?

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