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Actual Descriptive info on skills


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It's been how many years and you guys still haven't touched on this. Even after adding new skills...

I mean, wtf is this???





That's not even the worst part. It doesn't even tell you what you get when you level it, and resetting your skill points isn't free.


Please, update the skill menu to show full information on all skills.

It should show everything it does. Like damage, duration, what the buff gives, amount of heal, how many times it would tick (heal or damage), etc. 

Even things like " how long the buff lasts " for skills like Poisonous Blades or Exhalation of Darkness should be noted.

Most importantly, make the skill study menu show exactly what you are gaining when leveling a skill up by a level.


Another cool thing would be: to show how much damage a skill would do depending on your character's current damage. (Like in League of Legends, if anyone has played that)


It's pretty simple, you already have all the info. Would take less than a day if you actually put work into it....

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need to be updated tho



if you look in the deep Russian forum probably you'll find better and updated skill info


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