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Ordinary gamer guy


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Hey there!

In advance I would like to apologize in case if my creation does not obtain your liking.

Let me introduce him to you right away.


He is... Well pretty much not where he is supposed to be.
His name is [Ordinary gamer guy]. He has absolutely no idea how he ended up in the world of Arinar. At the moment he is in the tavern of Armor Cliff trying to explain the bartender what on earth an arcade machine is. Noone on Islernort has ever heard of such magic artifact, but based on what this wierd looking guy said it must be something awesome.

[Ordinary gamer guy] wears a grey T-shirt with neon stripes on it. He has jeans and white sneakers. They are totally ordinary pieces of clothing probably from some mass fashion shops like [email protected] or [email protected] He wears a gamer headphone, even now that he cannot use it properly. Well, at least it filters out the frightening cries of monsters. Bad thing he also can't hear what his mates tell him, so he always goes on his own ways...

The heroes of Arinar often look down on him for he seems to be a bit... Wierd.
He says he learned fighting in the world of Warcraft. What place is that? Are there any monsters like over here? Noone on Islernort has ever been there.

I created [Ordinary gamer guy] hoping that he would get into the game. How awesome would he look, among every kind of fantasy characters, with his headphones and modern clothing!

My data:
• Character: Tatelan
• Realm: EU-Emerald

I really hope you like this guy. Even if he's not such a great creation.

Feel free to comment!



EDIT: As promised, I created an [Ordinary gamer girl]. She is not part of the contest entry (I do not qualify her), but I thought it would be fair with the ladies if I created a female version, too. Enjoy!



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A+++ if it works out with girl chars as well!! Finally a nerd costume *-*

Will definitely create a girl version :D So they could put them ingame together.

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