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Green Adventurer


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:) Hello Everyone :)
Its my first time to join contest

The Costume Named
"Green Adventurer"

only manage to do gif front
Done on Pixel Front and Back
7x6FzNt.png NrhfDK6.png
Material Used

DARK METAL - Its a rare metal obtained from the Lord of Darkness Which give strong dark power
GOLD METAL - Its a metal given by the Mysterious Man to the Main Character
POISONOUS Crystals - Its a metal obtained from the Monster of the Lord of Darkness
            The armor has three materiel used This materials are Dark Metal , Gold Metal , and Poisonous Crystals.Dark metal is represented by Black Colors, Gold metal Golden Colors and lastly the Poisonous Crystal Green Colors {Shines}. 
Head: This Wears a Custom Gear that has night vision googles
Cape: The metal is turn into dust particles and mixed with high quality threads
Body: Its a heavy armor which shines in the dark , that glows and and give light 
Hand: It has a Gold Bracelet and a Metal Gauntlet
Foot: It is Crafted by a Dark Metals
Hair: Transparent Because It does wear and Head Armor

In the land of Arinar there was a young Elf was dream to become an adventurer.
His race was and Elf. He started his journey from Firstborn to Ash of Coast. Where he found companions,and Friend. There was a Craftsman, Tradesman , and etc. He killed many evil monsters, gained armor and weapons but it wasn't enough for him.He was looking for an Evil that is so strong .And he was an Adult Elf Now. While he was at the Dark Cave a Mysterious Man appeared and told him that go to Ayvondil the your'e Heart of will take you there and then he handed a Gold Metal which is not ordinary. He go back to the Craftsman, and ask what is the metals power the Craftsman said,"It holds strong Light that Protects you from danger". The Elf Hold to it and take the journey to Ayvondil and In the Cave he found strong Evil Power Reside. Power that he was looking. At the entrance he have seen strong Monsters It was a Dark Poisonous Dragon.The Dragon Breaths Dark Green Flames and could instantly kill ordinary Adventurer.He have fought he have killed 5 of them in all and he obtained the Poisonous Crystal. But he stills not Satisfied.
He sensed more stronger Power. After the he entered the Deeper in the cave. Minions are there, minions of darkness. He fought it until he reached the place where the lord is waiting. He have seen him but couldn't remember. He fought.The battle last 3 day and 3 nights finally he was able to defeat it. He obtained the armor of the Lord of Darkness composed of Dark Metal. He is now satisfied as an adventurer. As a Victory he decided to Craft and Full Set of armor. He asked the craftsman to Craft it he gave the materials. The Armor has been created.
He named that armor as "Green Adventurer".

:wub: Thanks for Reading... :wub: maybe you didnt cause the story is not good

IGN: Zanagialma
Class: Blade Dancer
Lvl:  17 
Guild: Sentinels

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