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bring back old android keyboard


which keyboard do you prefer  

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  1. 1. Which keyboard was better? the old one? or the new one that is buggy and sometimes wont open?

    • old please, i want to be able to type smileys again
    • meh, new one works fine for me

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Hi guys, so its another android keyboard issue, and im sorry to bring it up, and i know android is crappy to program for, but seriously, this new keyboard that types directly into the ws chat box really isnt that great, i know its nice and seamless but for us, the players who use it as a vital part of the game, its really not nice for it to suddenly not open when you want to type and you then have to talk entirely in smileys or disconnect without being able to tell anyone anything. I think its an issue with the devices that dont have physical home back and menu keys, like mine and its reeeealy not cool


Is there anyway to disable the forced fullscreen for those devices? and have the black navigation keys that come up with the keyboard stay there permanently and squash the ws screen slightly?

also i really miss being able to know the smiley codes and just type them in quickly, especially for the new unique ones

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Ive got many probs too, sometimes when I click too fast the keyboard, or go to task bar by mistake and return game, it makes my text become like hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh when I click once "h", needs clean RAM for fix it, second bug im getting its not abt keyboard, its tht every 5-10min my screen makes ws blurry mess of pixel ws like resolution from year 1990 games, so need pull notification bar to down and back or click taskbar and back 40x times on day

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