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[2017.01.23] The week of blistering bounty! One week left till the end of the World Creation celebration!

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Warriors of Arinar!

Despite some unpleasant volcanic surprise, the World Creation Day succeeded! You have helped with keeping the peace and have been feasting for the whole month, and we are sure that you are strong enough to stand for one more week. As a final reward, the White Beard has increased the chances of getting the Snow Boundary treasures for all who won't stop fighting for the frosty isle!

- double drop chance of unique weapons and armor in all holiday Dungeons;
- double drop chance of Ice Queen and Aquilon accessories in holiday Dungeons;
- double drop rate of precious ingots and Serpent costume from bosses in the Snow Boundary;
- double drop rate of the Volcano costume and empower relics from Volcano's Chest;
- triple amount of Guild Points given in all holiday Dungeons;
- double amount of Crimson Corundums given for winning the Guild Tournament (places 1-3);
- Guilds having taken places 4-10 in the Guild Tournament will be rewarded with Crimson Corundums.

the second weekly rating tournament in the Good Luck tokens category has already started! Great rewards are waiting for you!

Just when you thought Volcano was the only one,
Evil Sandro came to the Snow Boundary and hid in Lava Caves, but he will definitely not stay there for the whole time! The bravest and most valiant heroes having managed to defeat such a powerful enemy will be rewarded with Evil Sandro costume and many more treasures.

The week of bounty will last starting
from January 23, 12:00 CET till the very end of the holiday event.

May all the luck be with you!

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Hi Devs,

Very Hard  Dungeons İs Diffuculty ,Since Last 2 Events.

Please;Final Week Special , Reduce Difficulty Dungeons.


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link is here kanka

>>> Maintanance Page

hard event end  31.01.2017, at 9:00 CET 

10hour later :]

Cet about:https://www.timeanddate.com/time/zones/cet




when is te maintanence?


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