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Mob Farming, advanced(smart) PvE / PvM


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For the advanced and experienced players, what was your most profitable mob farm. For me it would be Avondyl the Ant/Filth Mobs. Making roughly 6k earlier in about 45 minutes. My class, Paladin. My minion, Dead Huntsman. 500g spent on minion.


Tips, trick, improvements?


Im not an amatuer farmer by no means, I do use Mcoins from time to time, have a net worth of about 8million. But I prefer earning gold without mcoins, and I want to expand on that.

Ive made about 920,000 Gold from only farming mobs, not bosses or quests.

Looking for more information on gener PvE farming, and the best/favorite places to make momey at.

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In Farming, I rate hunts the best way to earn gold. Every day I make almost 20k from those quests in t3-4 on Ayvondil. I'm too lazy to defeat tons of mobs for 6k using 45 mins. I'd rather hunt 45 mins and earn maybe more from drops of Bosses :D

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Tbh experienced (smart) players should stop waste time farming mobs/bosses

Heroic/event DG drops are worth 4-10k/run on average

Sure, a pile of cocktails isn't definitely worth 4-10k.

Stam isn't eternal and there is sometimes no pt,

farming is good if there is nothing to do.

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Highest lvl weapons are worth 100-600k and drops every 50-100 runs

Stam is unlimited if u sell relics/def3/dmg3 and buy seekers

Finding/making pt isn't so hard for experienced/op players

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