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Warlock is hard to up?

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Up a warlock is very difficult and takes longer than other classes? I wanted to have a dmg class in mcs, so I am restricted to warlock or rogue, but with the change in the reflexes of rogue skill, I am afraid to get one and disappoint me later.

Has the Reflex skill change had much of an impact on rogues?


Obs:I'm new so I'm sorry if I've written some bullshit.

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The reflex skill was op, and now rogues are back to what they were a little over than a year ago. Yes, it saved rogues from random ganks, but people were using it to tank (every ~5 hits a guaranteed 0 damage), which rogues - or any dps except bd - shouldn't be doing anyway.


With warlocks your only problems will be a) you will have to go through Moraktar and B) you'll have pretty low def and dmg throughout your low-level times.


People say that the Moraktar storyline is the most awful and dreadful of them all because of long quests and a lot of walking around the island. To my mind it's the best after Chosen, but some people don't read the story at all.


Compared to other Forsaken classes, warlock will have the hardest time running through packs of mobs. On Chosen there's a nasty quest where I had to wander in a cave. With my pala I went through the quest with a little difficulties - but with mage (which is pretty similar to lock, except poorer stuns) I was dying all the time.

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Yes warlock is hard to up. I think only mage is harder to up.


Rogues are far from bad, absolute reflexes was OP skill and now they are balanced.

But if u want a "dmg" class, rogue is certainly better than lock i think.

Warlock is the ultimate pvp class before beeing dmger.


PS: don't worry to write bullshit, u won't be the first one :P

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