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Scamming With CC items

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This past few months CC points are even use for scamming I officially experience this kind of act. This how they do it, first they post at world chat selling cc points then when a buyer pm and ask for an item need to buy, the seller will say "Bro can u give gold first?". Its really suspicious right? Soo the buyer will ask why will he pay first then the seller will answer " It's hard to sell item what if you run and not going to buy it?". Then someone will pm the buyer, and tell that the cc seller is a trusted player, thats already a hint why will someone pm you if you dont even know him and he even know what you and the cc seller talking about. It's an act of one player with multiple devices to scam. He will try to persuade players to give the gold to the seller willingly by using high lvl character telling that the seller is trusted. When the moment the buyer gave the gold the seller will off and those who pm. It is a really dirty trick by dirty people doing it. I think this kind of trick works on some guys not informed by this kind of act soo I need to expose those who still doing it. If you know someone did try this trick just dont forget their name and stay away from them i suggest. I know few people who doing this including the one who try it to me this are the list.



Retier lvl10 mage

Katalunic lvl16 priest

Mahzuno lvl10 druid

Magesrb lvl28 mage



Please be careful guys hope you can share ideas about this topic. Ive got a little screenshot here but not really help much but still a valuable info for other players.


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yes, that works..

I'm thinking something along the lines of 'the price of freedom is eternal vigilance'

anyone who's ever been scammed just need to accept the fact they thought they were going to get something without doing things the normal way, usually just through hard work & effort..


..I've been scammed before & can accept this reality, it is always about having a little chink or vulnerability in ones armour.

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