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Favorites of 2016!

Corona virus

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It's Dec 31 as of me posting this so it's time to list your favorite media releases(song, TV show, movie, book, etc.) of 2016.


I'll start y'all off:

Movie: Zootopia

TV Show: The Night Of

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..kinda got into rick & morty over last few months, bit of a jaded discourse goin' on there

..gave up on game of thrones after yet another character was killed off

..heard talk of a remake of 'IT', watched the original 30x

..bible study, study, study

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@Snowman, do you mean Zoomania? :D

One of my highlights definitely was Game of Thrones season 6 (Team Arya for the win!), Dawn of Justice, too, although I didn't like the movie thaaat much but I'm a huge Batman fan!

Music: The soundtracks of Dawn of Justice and Inferno, both written by the inspiring and amazing composer Hans Zimmer *-*

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Seems like it's the same with different names .-.



Favourite movie would be Rogue One.

Favourite tv-show is The Blacklist.

Started reading Game of Thrones, looks promising. Pls no spoilers ;_;

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Good Question.

I didn't watch many movies, infact there is only one i can remember and that is,

Doctor Strange

well thats about it for movies.


Music... the randomness of the internet,

From epic dubstep (Xtrullor), to glitch hop (Hinkik), to 80ies (RA RA RASPUTIN), to memes (Running in the 90s) i listened to practcly anything there is.


Oh and recently i watched The Legend of Korra, and it was cool :) the ending was a bit dissappointing tho


my fav book was book 3


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