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[2016.12.31] Happy New Year's Holidays!

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Dear friends!

The year 2016 has finally come to its end. Now, it's time to welcome 
the new year 2017, which is going to bring numerous pleasant and even more pleasant changes to the game.

May this New Year bring you a lot of joy and luck within the game and outside of it and let all your plans and dreams come true! Enjoy to the maximum the upcoming 365 days!

There is a special deal prepared for you: 
a 60% discount marathon on the most popular items in the Miracle Shop. It will start on the 1st of January and last for eight days.

What is the best tradition of every holiday? Gifts, of course! Each player starting from the 3rd level will get a minion cache, 5 Life scrolls, 5 Teleportation scrolls and 20 Tickets for rides.


- the amount of Guild points given in all Snowy Boundary Dungeons during the holidays will be increased by 4 times;
- the amount of Crimson Corundums given for winning the Guild Tournament (places 1-3) 02.01 - 09.01 will be doubled;
- Guilds taken places 4-10 in the Guild Tournament 02.01 - 09.01 will get Crimson Corundums and a Bronze Chest as the reward (it also counts for the Non-fading Glory achievement).

P.S. Warspear Online support team and administrators will be off on holidays till January, 9. If you have any questions, try to ask other players for help on our forum or Facebook page.

See you next year, warriors, and let the Harad's blessing be with all of you!  :) 

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