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[2016.21.31] Summary of the year in Warspear Online. Were you a part of it?

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I started this game on 4/4/2016. My Death Knight is in good shape. My Blade Dancer is lacking in some areas. Both have room for improvement. As not playing for the full year but most of it I must say that one of the reasons I like this game ( I have said this before) is that it looks like a Super Nintendo game. I grew up with the Super Nintendo. In 1991 Super Mario World was the first video game I ever played. Super Mario RPG was the RPG that got me into RPG's. It's nice to see a modern game use a Super Nintendo like look to it.

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but 5person enters a normal dungeon. It should have been 5times of the other count. I did like the solo dungeon though i hope we will have a permanent one.

I think they count "enters", not "completed runs"

If a pt of 5 enters, it counts as +5 "entered"

And if u die/dc and enter again, u r counted again

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