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ideas, chapter 1


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Hi, just some McIdeas after playing mmo's for a while..



(jester, pimp, 'jason voorhes', pirate w/ pegleg & parrot, police, janitor, yadda yadda)


Clan/land expansion;

[1] Buy 'land' from town npc (gold or mc) or make a dedicated map that needs to be cleared of monsters that a guild can 'earn' via series of quests (so when you enter that map, you're entering your clan area, not a 'public' area)

*using 'bought' lands that any player could possibly enter allows for further possibilities (raids, visits, events, etc... uhh, no raiding the existing clan storage system tho', hehe)



clan lands could open up all sorts of further expansions;

eg: buy garden plot kits to start growing plants (resources) which could be crafted into various potions (or further crafting items) etc, this could also be coupled with a (skill based?) specialist system such as further roles within guild (ie: gardener) other roles could complement other such guild land expansions, such as an alchemist who might brew said potions, or a blacksmith who might specialize in metals, etc..

(i mention all this as a person who doesn't mind doing other things in mmo besides killing mobs..)


[3] clan lands could also feature a clan dungeon to build & expand (..later) but to begin with (and as one of the above mentioned installments) certainly something like mini-games; a peculiar type of lawn bowls comes to mind, stuff like that (with an opportunity for drops, of course- possibly slots the owning guild can supply?)


..anyway, sky's the limit with all that


'permanent' pet;

Meh, use existing system, add stable facility, put a (upgradable) timer on the beasty (ie: pet goes to sleep for hours) everyone's satisfied, right? ..of course the dern thing hasta earn exp & lvl up (possibly even skill points- one skill could be extended duration) if ya do that add a mini-skill tree kinda thing so's everyone's pets aren't the same.. if ya do that may as well include pet gear (just a weapon & armor piece maybe?) yadda yadda possible new class 'beast master' *cough* pet trainer yadda yadda the kids'll love it..



Pet system + guild attractions = jousting minigame.

Pet (upgrade) mount (fast travel)

Uhh, that's enough for this installment- tappin' away on a keypad like a hepped-up lemur here, thanks for reading, may all your drops be shiny, expensive & nutritious :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

..still persevering in game, starting to get 'established' after 2 weeks & overcoming things like ridiculous start inv slots (how many potential players are irked by that alone?) ...mobs don't seem to drop useful things like hp pots etc, a lot to come to terms with..


..having difficulty w/ joining parties & watching main chat flooded with requests, wondering why a party-matching system hasn't been implemented? ..lots of 'tweaks' like that could even be vip content (ie: pay for service)


similar thing could be developed for trading/sourcing items, I'm currently trying to amass the lv12 snow prisoner series of armor pieces, if there was some kinda noticeboard system in the towns where people could leave messages...? that could also be a vip feature, right? ..I'd imagine creative users could even start experimenting with this system also- someone might be a bit of a news buff or some other interest & start posting regular articles or jokes, news, advice, y'know what i mean?


...there could be way more things to do in this game besides grind mobs (i almost added 'for exp' there)

..not sure what lays beyond my home island map but I'm watching half the population of the server waddle over to snow map every so often to try & feed birds or somethin' - the game could have all sorts of things like this running intermittently/randomly across the game world (for example, escorting a trading wagon from town to town, similar to the game fallout 1) there should (could) be something like this especially in relation to guilds & the development of 'guild lands' (previous post)


..all sorts of things


..start asking players what they would like to do in their game world, you might be surprised where it can lead to, thanks for your time.

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..found more of the same stuff on ash coast, understanding more about the game & so on


As an rpg fan who came up thru mazes & dungeons i wouldn't mind seeing something like that here (uhh, like one of the world maps is a huge multi leveled dungeon) the thing with something like that is ya could stagger the players journey through it (sections for Low, mid, higher level)


it'd be really nice if it could encourage partying-up like rpg's of old but i know the mmo thing here works a little different (don't need a thief to pick a lock on a chest after a battle here, hehe)


I'm still thinking of the days spent in the final parts of the chosen starter map (it used a Mayan kinda theme & involved some dungeon crawling)

a whole world of dungeon could be really nice, especially if you could expand on it to eventually have things like underground villages in caves with lake pools, vegetation, giant mushrooms, tranquil settings kinda thing, these would be nice areas to hang out in & it would be nice to just explore all that, well, i think anyway.. :)

..I've always wanted to see something like that in an mmo, uhh, the dungeon i mean, dungeons usually have all sorts of strange potential..

Parts of this i imagine are like, if there were switches on walls that change a T-section of the dungeon & that might stay in place (allow access) for 2-4 hours, a dungeon could use a whole series of these, uncommon drop items could be used as the keys (stuff like that) your guild could spend a week in preparation drop hunting for a foray into the dungeon (looking for these keys, searching for different paths in the dungeon, etc)

One of the elusive locations in the dungeon could be a shrine of item enchantment where u get a difficult quest & the reward is a 5 minute +1% chance to amp, uhh, that's just an obtuse example, stuff like that..

If the thing were large enough & designed cleverly there could be areas of the dungeon that even a seasoned player might only get to see after a long time, or obscure quests & strange events that could take the whole community months & years to figure out, uhmm, stuff to keep people interested in the long run.. and it shouldn't be sullied by mc or that kinda thinking, it's something like a bonus area for longevity in game (can't really pull that off with micro payments if ya can just buy yer way in) if the game used a varied drop table ya could have strange items dropping for this very rarely (things like the wall-keys mentioned above) some of the more obscure quests, events & mythologies of the dungeon could be handled this way too..


Anyway, i imagine (parts of) it something like this; experienced player bob has been playing ws for about a year & has made a few trips into the dungeon & managed to figure a few things out, one of these was a strange event that seemed to occur on Friday night's where a ghostly npc child used to wander a particular section of the dungeon/maze, clicking her all she'd put up was a dialogue "my dolly! Have you seen my dolly?" Now one day bob happens to be idly scrolling thru the market and spots an obscure item up for sale, something he'd never seen before (and something the seller probably didn't understand the significance of: a random extremely rare drop) "ghostly dolly" the item was called, the seller hypothetically asking 30 gold only, bob excitedly purchases this doll & makes a note to log in again on Friday night in an effort to find that strange npc... (you see what i mean?)

...there could be all sorts of things in a place like that (the dungeon) there could be things in there we don't even know we haven't found yet, y'know what i mean? ...something to keep a person playing this game, and dungeons are just freakin' cool!

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As an rpg fan who came up thru mazes & dungeons i wouldn't mind seeing something like that here (uhh, like one of the world maps is a huge multi leveled dungeon) the thing with something like that is ya could stagger the players journey through it (sections for Low, mid, higher level)

Not sure if you're suggesting something or just stating the facts. That, I mean, sounds quite a lot like the Astral Labyrinth.


And the secret stuff would be nice. It's just that once the secrets are found and if the rewards are not worth it, it won't be fun any more.

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Ok cool, if something like this lays ahead that's something to look forward to.. Hopefully


( haven't seen any chat messages about it in world chat so it doesn't sound like the thing i was describing but thanks for letting me know there is a dungeon here)


If I make it to this astral labyrinth & see what's going on there i'll mention more on this again & post up some images

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People used to go to Astral Labyrinth daily, but now they abbandoned it and gone to Ayvondil.

It such a waste many good old thing are abbandoned by people.

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It was more fun without Ayvondil or only with Ayvondil t1 + 2. There are just too less players for so many servers with so many different places to go to.

It's gonna be hard to find a decent Astral lab party but you might enjoy it and see it as a challenge :D

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Understood. (thnx for reply)


Yeah i've encountered all this in other mmo's that've been around for too long, they can just fix most of that by going back & placing more baubles on existing branches rather than keep adding new branches..

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Left a reply on alternative game mechanics in a topic called 'beyond ayvondil' or somethin' like that..


[1] becoming established

..in the pvp map (ash coast?) there is a town between the two factions where an NPC (virtu trader) sells the good 4-slot gear, this is accessible only thru gaining reputation of chainless league, which is nice, but i am only just finding this at lv16 after putting up with a lot of crap from game, there should've been something like this back on the home map... Actually, this gear is some of that "set" stuff (with the extra 2 slots, so we're talkin' about potential 6-slot gear here) - where was the NPC *before* this guy? Who just sold 4-slot gear? (not "set" items)


After asking about berenger's light equipment pieces for days (got a set of gloves days ago- thru market of course, as if i'd be able to do a dungeon here, especially solo all the time.. hang on a sec' while i chuckle) do you think any of these myopic apes playing this thing told me i could find the pieces i needed there at the npc? Of course not.


..see, i was fortunate to even discover this little enticement i'm dribbling about now, having been on the verge of disgust for the last week i'd taken to market in an effort to at least gather some paltry supplies for a foray into God-knows-what.. Having gotten said crap & out of sheer morbid curiosity i stumbled on this..


..not as many people are as tenacious as i am, right? They quit this game & i don't blame them, but we all want the same thing, if ya had've stuck a gimmick like this back on their home maps half the folks who i no longer see on my friend list might still be here. Ya stuck somethin' like this back there but it was the arena store, not all of us are interested in that highly competitive crap y'know, especially at the beginning stage of a game, that's just there to rope-in a certain kinda player, like the world chat info's that so & so just amped his +7 poo stick to +8 & what's-his-face just found a box of noodles..


The way we get fed around here influences how we grow & develop, that's why none of these philistines wants to just party up & have fun, or help new players, or help guild mates, or tell someone in chat where & how they can get the specific items they're looking for (in the case of berenger's light) - unless you're like them, soulless & kitted out with pro gear..

and unless you're prepared to wade thru crap like i was you'll either give in & go with the flow or you'll eventually stumble on the thing that finally makes it all accessible.


Anyway, you vogons figure it out, i know how to surive..


kudos on that npc trader (FINALLY!)

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So, blog/suggestion area, whatever..


Pertinent info:

[1] Guild message board



Yeah, got me first chainless quest done today (+250 rep, on me way to that elusive berenger's light gear, which i'll probably be over-level for by the time I get it*, & i'll be lusting for another set by then, yeah?)

*by the time..

Yep, that quest was in a dungeon in the enemy lands, by now ya know me views on partying with others so i set out solo (with me paltry supplies, remember?) & arrive at dng- this was interesting! There was a lone red name there & we both 'tolerated' one another's presence.. That dude eventually wandered off to do whatever & I'm then waiting for the boss to respawn, all these reds start coming in (first another lone red came in & ambushed me, so i went back & got him while the boss had him on the ropes, this is where the fun starts) anyway so there i am, right, fighting valiantly (yeah bs, i just keep goin' back & getting smashed but idgaf, this is what this game is, incase you didn't know? So i got the quest done & managed to solo this 40k hp boss without getting ganked & enjoyed myself for once..

*thumbs up


..so anyway

another matter of just having to be hard-headed in this game, that's what all you folks keep saying, yeah? "try harder... grind more... buy mc"


Ok, i did all that but it's not how i want to spend my life here in this thing, got another situation now like this with rep points being unlocked with quest further into enemy turf, this is gonna be ...interesting


..started thinkin' about ideas for all that, it just always comes back to the same stuff tho', that these kinda things always just come back to the social aspects of game (as many keep saying- islenort!)


anyway, without knowing how much work gets done here & how far devs willing to go can't really think of much to work within existing setup, (i) compromised an idea for faction-chat (alts could just spy anyway) down to something like many are already asking for in something like a very basic guild message board to help organise..


..saw the beginnings of astral lab


..I'll get back to that one day

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Better buy/search lv 18 heroic set from normal Berengar Tower or buy crimson corondum gear lv 20, it's more everlasting than that lv 15 gear from nadir seller. Some high level player still using them.

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Ty, appreciate the succinct advice very much, i will certainly be looking into those things *when the time comes*


..but for now, at lvl16 i will be aiming for this thing that has been dangled in front of me, especially as game is so heavily pay-to-play, stingy with drops, and still offering me lv14 pieces of crap as rewards for these & similar quests..


I know what you're saying at the end there, with the 'high lvl players' still using lower sets, sure- that's exactly what i'm staving off here, 16 is my high level, i've already resigned myself to how it works here & prep'd, can solo the next boss (Garr shag) if reds don't keep interrupting' i'll post up some stuff about what's happening with all that, (these are) things that lots of other people are probably experiencing here, something useful might come of it..

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Just gonna (try) upload an image & then mention some stuff about it, if the upload works i'll know the upload method works & won't have make even more unnecessary posts than i already do (dunno if posts can be edited here, i'll try doing that first)


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Uhh, ok can't figure out how to edit that last post (mighta just liked myself?) so here goes,


that pic above represents about 1 hour game time of any given day here, the first guy is good enough to be straight-up (I'm working my way to my objective solo, Garr shag & notice him out front berenger's tower) no prob - I make it to Garr shug knight's crib & rush thru spiders (rookie move) there's a red in there waiting for shag to respawn who promptly jumps me with spiders everywhere, no prob just a learning experience... so i don't respawn in town straight away (keep reading- i already know why, do you? That's one of the other chatters but that comes up later- how did i know it or something like it would happen!? Lol, that's what i'm trying to explain) ..so i'm laying there all dead & stuff, using the opportunity to see how much hp the boss has (when i return- solo) & stuff like that & i watch this red start to solo Garr shag, and notice this red ain't got no problem with its hp, it's got some of that hp leech stuff going, right? ..and i just laugh & think this is exactly the kind of person i have to try & deal with out among my own kind, y'know what i mean? ..so i respawn on site (waste scroll, idgaf) and drag spiders to the red & just generally try to make a nuisance of myself, wind up on the floor in no time, no prob, ...soon a buncha whites come in, the red's done the boss but hanging around so ends up on the floor, i respawn on site & get an inv to pt, no worries, red comes back (stealthed, of course) with backup, ambushes me & 1 other of these random whites but both end up dead, i respawn again on site (free scrolls) and the remaining team-mate gets proactive hunting reds so i start to solo shag but me team-mate comes back to assist (good guy) ww get the kill but before i can get shag's ashes this red has ambushed me again, so idgaf free ride back to town & no more free rez scrolls so doing it again tonight.. No prob.. That's just fun for me..


Ok, here, watch 2nd guy now- I've respawned back in town site, decided to break my code & try form a party (area chat not posted, just very simple message, "Garr shagg?" that kinda stuff) ok, so i click location & start looking for potential recruits, this is proactive, yeah?

Ok so what does this guy turn around & say? -give me gold (he's not being ironic he wants payment, i asked him if he also had quest, he said yes, so this is a mutual interest for us yeah? It's not like I'm trying to exploit him or anything, right?) kicked him from pt straight away (straight back to solo)


...what's the point here? It should be obvious, right? This guy is exactly like the red with its pro gear, it's all about personal glory, do you understand? I did not pay that person because their loyalty has a price & they let me know that- at first sign of trouble that one will exit from pt, keep payment & happily go back to where it was, having no honor or morals.. and this is just a video game, i don't wanna think about what really goes on in that person's heart lol- so there's like "alternatives" & solutions to all that hassle above, let's talk about my guild next then, yeah?

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Constantly inactive or incompatible login times (uhh, not on my end, i log in frequently, i like mmo) problem is not "me", ok? Just getting that out there for anyone quick to judge. Look at chat pic above, 3rd attempt was enquiring of only active guild member- no hablo taco bell, please do note i did have the fledgling ability to understand the other person's language & reply in a proto form of it, one picks these things up in mmo's, yeah?

So anyway, this is like (my) 3rd or 4th guild with same issues, to be expected in mmo but.... other mmo's have things like guild message board & other ways to facilitate stuff, ya get me?


I'll wait for the leader to log in & tell him "ty but moving on", even if that takes another 2-3 days (haven't seen him for while) because I'm not a rude s.o.b who is just about personal glory.. don't get me wrong there's some kinda personal glory in there but it's different, like, I'm not gonna keep digging myself into a hole chasing those sets & I'm not gonna be asking others for gold so i can complete my own quests (that person needs a beating) -I'll be getting that berenger's light set even if it takes all 2017, and I'll probably be doing it solo, that's how I'm going to *establish myself* for everything else ahead (no guild message board thing, no party-matching system, etc)


I think other people just take the easy way out on all this stuff, ain't gonna be throwing gold & money for mc at the problem, just gonna steamroll over it eventually like a slug & post feedback on how it's all going..

Cheers from Australia

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Good job, Torquemada, on placing the quests required to unlock this gear I'm after deeeeeep within enemy territory..


I get it, it's probably to promote partying but it's not so easy to get one going, as many know. The party matching system would at least help with that, it is a very basic implementation of any mmo, the guild message board would also help with this & other things- but both are not here.

Some mmo's offer a special teleport scroll with between 5-10 locations you can save (yes, an item mall item) but the scrolls to then get to saved locations are themselves sold in normal npc store, not suggesting game change to suit my needs, just saying I don't have that option (which I would've had to spend money on anyway, right) but if it were that way here you'd have reds spawning raid parties next to your home town every 20 minutes & the forums would soon be full of people like me "providing feedback"

-the red/white factions here are indeed one of the games best drawcards but it needs attention, I'm not the only one saying that, many here keep telling you to focus on the gameplay mechanics that happen on islenort, uhh, I think some of those ideas mentioned waaaay back at first post are potentially good directions to head in, there's a lot of groundwork for even more things to come later..


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*DUNGEON IDEA (from before)

WP_20170118_04_54_41_Pro.jpgfree jpeg images


^there are 9 uncompleted hallways or passages there, so that thing is only like 10% of how large it should be..


I color-coded it very simply, to show access- that first room for example has 3 (unlocked) doors to choose from- this starts taking you into 'the dungeon'


[1] left door - hall of hero's

Mobs here, in the wall recesses are statues of players who ....did something in game?? -that's one of the hallways I didn't complete- where does it lead to? ...i don't wanna know, I wanna find out one day..


[2] middle door

Opens into an elaborate hallway with more doors ahead- put a trap there in the middle (marked on map) ...rogues so far could possibly be given a skill to pick locks & detect/disarm traps (that is, if the game were to continue expanding with such features, there is no point wasting skillpoints on these things if they just appear in one game location.. Could also be a mage spell? anyway, moving on) this hallway also full of mobs - the mobs here should have a 2% chance of dropping a tier1 dungeon key (explained further ahead)


[3] right door

This is all back in that entry room- and this leads to what i may/may not have mentioned previously, the first ”choose a path ahead” instance of the dungeon- the door(s) on the wall here are all linked, locked (tier1 key required) & you can only choose one of the directions- further, once opened; the door stays open for 2-4 hours (allowing access by anyone then) ...so the whole game world now has the ability to explore this dungeon further & see what lays ahead - those sections beyond that first tri-door are color-coded a different color, because the dungeon is split into 'zones' in this way..


...i won't bore you with the rest for now, but there's even secret doors & other things i thought of, and ways to incorporate them into the existing structure of the game, uhh, and more with storyline & ways to keep interest in the dungeon.. anyway, uhh, i got my own programming to do also :)

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Do chainless in the right time, don't do it in prime time when may ppl log in. Try doing chainless at night europan time, at that time in asian is morning when ppl go to work/school, probably only US and Brazilian who still wandering in Irselnort. Event is the best time to do chainless, finsih it or it will be harder after event end.


Always bring life scroll when do chainless

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Sweet, ty again for info.

Oh, hey owl, thanks, i'm not all pith & vinegar..


Anyway, no suggestion this time, & the cynicism slowly fading into mere begrudgement, gotten past learning curve now..


some things i will never understand tho- spent lot of time solo as always, managed to find guy1 calling for sea monster pt, he already at location (hiding in cave)

He watching me make several attempts to get out there, at times commenting, seems like decent fellah.. many deaths later, i recruiting back in tele-location, awkwardly grabbing guy2 while guy3 seems to tele to location (hmm.. red flag.. pro player) ..i facilitate all this, and carefully try to move as group with guy2, guy2 however does not seem to share this concern, we're going to sea monster, right? -wrong! Lol, i already did the decent thing and collected these guys as adds coz they wanted lake monster first, then we'll do sea monster, right? Wrong! pmsl, guy2 & i make it to lake boss (right next door to sea biscuit, no problem, right?) so yeah lake boss goes down faster than the first cold tinny at a butcher's picnic & these guys seem to be waiting so i wait, guy3 was there and i tried to add him again but the jackwagon refused, so in response to 'add him' messages, i pass lead- doesn't take too long to do that but these guys now, have all eloped off together "chasing glory" ...right then & there i know what's happened.. make it to sea monster cave entrance & these guys are nowhere to be found... then some lv14 red swept me up :) good for him


..so, got 3 crackerheads on me ignore list now

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Yeah rukka rukka, i see the same people here a bit, in world chat i mean.. bit of banter goes back & forth, we get to know each other...


they're in a different league than me, and i think we might be approaching game from different directions but sometimes it all converges & goes well, lots of diverse types out there y'know?


one thing i think we have in common tho' is a like for mmo, and i reckon we all buy mc from time to time (support the grind) & we're pretty active.. what i'm getting at is a painful reiteration of something like the town message board idea.. for obvious reasons


..throw a limit of one post or charge gold & put a lvl requirement on it if yer afraid of abuse?


I'd rather waste mc on fun stuff than trying to improve equipment & chase glory, that's all..

..personally, i'm kinda wondering why an rpgmmo hasn't adopted more of these "facebook" type ideas or why facebook hasn't become an rpgmmo :/

-what guild leader doesn't want to upload a picture of Miley Cyrus twerking a homeless person as the guild emblem?


Crafting is alright as a hobby in game, besides some annoyances, but a few more little oddities & pursuits like that would go over well here, especially social kinda stuff, not sure if i mentioned the duck racing (like a minigame, possible betting event) & the jousting & dwarven lawn bowling (get off yer butt & make mounts for fast travel, i saw the mounted enemy on snow map & how it seemed to make use of the basic upper sprites of a character while drawing these weird little atrophied legs at side- noticeable but only cosmetic issue) mounts=jousting minigame, clan honor events, other events focused on jousting tourney, etc

Who doesn't want a pink ostrich named Miley? That you ride into battle!


* Permanent pets that level up & can be used as mounts at a certain level would work well with all that, just add that sleep timer/stable thing to balance the player having a 'permanent' assistant - seriously, i wouldn't be too staunch on that whole issue if i wuz you, considering you still need to cater for high-level content & the influx of new players here is, well, not enough to make things easy (you could just leave everything as is, imo, no 'rebalancing' to address addition of pets helping player fight, just make all the new content balanced for the pet?) anyway the pet ain't important it's mostly the changes & potential new content it could lead to..

having not yet found my Miley, uhh, i mean muse here, i'll eventually stumble on something to amuse myself with.. most of it comes from interacting with the other humanoids, now if only there were a few more ways to do that here..


* Guilds need clan halls (with mascot pets that yer supposed to steal in a raid & force it to drink a keg.. just kidding, i might be thinking of a simpsons episode)


* kooky secret projects (allied guild endeavours) like a zeppelin full of reds fly's in & they launch an attack (they all get a free teleport to the location, essentially) or a bunch of 'em come down with a catapult they been building on the sly for the last 2 days, stuff like that..


..mighta mentioned something about escorting a trader's wagon also, that could be coupled with a guild resource collecting system, which could be coupled with a guild crafting system, which could.. (kooky projects!)


Zzzz ;)

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wp_ss_20170120_0002.pngimage hosting over 5mb

all the yellow quests seem to be done (islenort) except these two (the blue one i'm half way through & probably won't be able to finish alone)

Both of these seem to require a party, one is a dungeon quest recommended for level 19!? this sea monster one is what i'm currently working on for chainless reputation, there was an island to the north east that had a couple of quests there but seemed pretty spartan otherwise, coulda been stocked a little more maybe?


The games is still giving lv14 stuff around here & the equipment these chainless quests unlock is only lv15 there seems to be some kinda balancing issue here? I think probably this worked well when it was made but these days with lv28's everywhere it's not so easy to do even in a good party, and half these pests are at the event, it will be worse when it's over.. this is all mostly coming down to luck & isn't really much fun, i think only a dedicated mmo player will endure all this (and more, like the starting pocket size) currently the game does not provide enough "opportunities" for new players, imho. i don't plan on rushing to find nothing to do but harass people & will stick at this goal of chainless rep>berenger's light>become established at lv16 even though it's a pain in the ass in 2017


..i still think one of these 'permanent' pets (only in a lv28+ content update) would more or less fix that whole situation?


..becoming more familiar with the pvp/faction mechanics, etc but usual rigmarole of high levels everywhere.. i think these folks need something to do? any news on a content update?

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One location mentioned above was not the dungeon quest after all, it was down at this boiling lakes nearby, I'd gotten used to map location feature by then- still not sure how & why I confused the location? A location icon that were an animated gif (2 frames?) would alleviate that.

I think this would only work while searching thru quest list & selecting the 'show on map' feature (otherwise, if you view map this way, all the green dots of all active quests will display) at times there is a green ring that circles the map grid of a quest location but this doesn't seem to work for every quest? (not sure if i took the map to underground level to confirm the large ring appeared on this berenger's smithy quest? doesn't seem to ring a bell)

Hardly a major concern but every now & then I've come across a quest that was difficult to complete for these or similar reasons.

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Sometimes it gets quite frenetic here, it would be helpful if we device users could assign maybe half a dozen 'pre set messages' that only require a keypress or easy command to run, such as !1 to type stored message 1


these could maybe be created by typing !sm1 , !sm2 , and so on..


!sm1 hi, got any spare change?


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got everything done at lv16, the quests after sea monster were no problem, got me gear, buffed it, now what? Well, i'm finally in a position where i feel comfortable in this environment & happy to take it easy & find out.. some things could've been easier along the way, that's all..


..been thinking of stuff as i go, probably back here again one day.

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