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Elf using a farming bot on EU Emerald

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There is a guy that im seeing 24/7 in Avyondil farming Sign of the Filth.He is always in upper corner so only can 3 mobs attack him at the time.The way i found out that he's boting is when he kills enemy,he waits for few seconds and then he walks to the mob to take the loot and then heals himself and start attacking another mob.After he manages to kill all of them he walks near some wall and goes back to upper corner.Reason im reporting this is thats not fair and everybody should play fair and i dont want my butt to be rap** by some bot cuz he had gold to buy signs and other things that can make him stronger.

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Just adding fuel to your hatred of bots:


Most of MULAILAPAR guild are bots, he have a lot of bots placed in Irselnort & Ayvo, in last event he use all his bots to farm skull jewelry.

He already reported by many players and this kind of topic already made for many times.

His famous char is Xxhakixx, and this char maybe his mine too, same guild same methods.

He farming all day with all his bots, and at the end of the week he trade his gold for real money.

Roland said his account was connected to facebook, and it hard for GM/tech supp to distinguish between bots and normal players.



any shaman out there use their "teleportation" skill to him (sorry forget skill name) :diablo:

I was killed by this skill in neutral zone when I AFK :bad:

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EULA do not allow to use cheats. EULA or Rules of conduct, I don't remember atm. Tho it is forbidden, so yes, it is considered as cheat



Temporal full denial of game access:


creating or suspicion of creating of bot-characters;

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Come on,u really buying that?Just stand there and watch a guy for a little bit.He's botting 100%,i bet my life on that.

There is nothing I could do about it since I'm only a forum moderator, and someone else has already said why it's almost impossible to identify bots, what an admin said some months ago

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Sorry Fire and Ice,i didn't mean to be rude.It just feels wrong to manipulate with game.Hope in some near future GM will be able to do something about it ... :/

No it's totally fine there is absolutely no need to apologize. I understand and share your opinion that it's not fair, but as I said, for now there is no way to idenitify them, as much as I wished there was one.

You might just call me Julie by the way :) that's my actual forum name :D

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yep, any 3rd party program isn't allowed


Modifying or hacking game software; using 3rd party software which affects to the game



If game can be played in PC version developers should be more cautious, there are many ways to do illegal thing in PC beacuse PC master race have unlimited power.






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