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Bug in WS going to end it forever

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hallo there  :fool:


are you Dev try KO MC side , update after update make MC side harder to play  :fool: 

WS have big problem in population in each side game , i sure it more that 90% elf " once before in valdmer event only 16 mc and more than 120 elf was there  :facepalm: "


few mistake in dev come in last few update make this worse : 

1- USELESS THINGS ONLY IN MC SIDE : in past was only drop Bow & Cbow useless in MC side , no GM and 2 more useless drop by change stauts amp to magic    " Mace and Spear " that very powerfull in elf side for pala and very useless in mc 

2- ELFS SKILL WORK MUCH BETTER IN DGS THAN MC SKILL :elf chare with area skill dmg wich make them better chance to end new dgs which have too many mobs " pala +10 can kill all mobs even 40 in few sec by Baner skill & mage skill almost all area dmg skill " in time MC area skills dmg is suck dmg compaier 

3- WAR BIG MISTAKE UPDATE : war update keep push new player in mc to go elf  " imagine defenders in mc like 5% Elf attacker 

4- EVEN MC CHARS BETTER IN CASE 1v1 BUT ELF CONTROL ALL SEASON ARENA :did you seen top arena season chars , 90% its elf chars because skill elf work in group fight much better 


EU server AOA guild get KO , soon Other servers , some more time all MC side is dead = many quit  " seem like me soon 2011 player "


Suggestion to fix this problem : make expert skills back to kind class , not to spicifce class 

Example skill should be 3 type " tank - support - damage "  

Damage : rouge - lock - mage - ranger 

Tank : pala - barb - Dk - BD" blade dancer i  dont know  why use axe"

support same 


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