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Some fixes which needed to be done about casters arena accessories or casters ice accesssories

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This is something which someone may have asked before but i dont know sir just need an answer about this from you. I have seen arena amulets with physical damage= 7% and rings= 6% and cape=7% and ice rings and amulets and cape has same damage but on the other hand something is wrong with casters accessories you give aquillons amulet with 7% magic and rings with 6% magic but casters arena amulet has 15% magic and rings with 10% magic and also cape with 15% magic please fix it. Melee classes still beats casters but if a arena gear shaman fights with aquillons gear shaman its no match. Please increase aquillons accessories magic % or decrease arena accessories magic % make game stable plz take this seriously plz!!!!!





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15% you have to earn, not to buy :[ arena things r supposed to be better than normal drops, otherwise no one goes arena for rank, it makes arena rewards useless. If everyone buys 15% cape amulet then no one goes arena, also same with arena phys dmg rewards, everyone knows resi + hp + dmg works better than dmg + energy

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There is still big diff melee classes with ice gear kicks ass of arena melee classes but its not same with casters 7-15 is a big diff and yea why dont they make 15% magic with no health energy. Main thing is balance they have not balanced physical damage accesories with casters accessories. 15% is way high. They gotta make it same like damage amulets. Its not balanced and only players with 15% items will say its balanced coz they they happy by using it. Melee classes are happy by using ice gear they no need arena gear but uts casters who are suffering. I see almost none casters using ice gears these days.

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