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Necro in pvp

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Hellow fellow necromancers xD


As the title says, this is a topic where we can discuss strategies and builds and etc for a pvp necro (and a hybrid pvp/e)

I wanna try to get more into arena and pvp because I'm so sick of elves killing me in two hits before i even know what to do. Any more experienced players wanna share their knowlege? I'd be super thankful xD

ty ty :shywhite: 


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in 1v1 no class is balanced.. the game is made balanced for group fight.. so in group fight necro is really good.. but u die fast maybe because u didnt use resil stuff in arena,, anyway necro always targetted first in arena, so u must evade em as good as u can to keep distance between u and enemy and support your mate.

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