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"REAL" Gifts


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Hi people of arinar :) I want to tell you something which I think a little strange. Two days ago I went to dentist , and lost one tooth :( It was terrible , there was blood everyhere. Nwm, then I went to my home, I was struggling with a terrible tootache , I used several painkillers and started to play warspear to forget that pain. I have fallen asleep when trying to kill mirriam boss. Then I saw a strange dream. I was in warspear , there was a different event , which consist of several quests and when you complete all of them in a limited time aigrind send your home a great cake . I completed that events with 4 different chars because cakes was delicious there are Warspear paintings upside of them xD. I ate them all just myself :D Nwm it was a dream :) However my suggestion to aigrind family , send some gifts to people , gifts which are real things like t-shirsts or mugs xD It would be great if I have a warspear printed t-shirt :D You already giving gifts to people somethings in game like miracle coins and scrolls etc. But real gifts would be great I think.



P.S : I apologize for my bad english, posting this from my phone. I will correct some mistakes that I have made , when I reach home. Best wishes to all :)

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t-shirt: Gonna hamstring you

From 7 tiles away


:) Cutest topic i read in a while

And a good one too! Fan merchandise is not a bad idea!

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