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halloween suggest


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Well, halloween is near, and as all, i dont wanna see old halloween update.

What i suggest?

-Rides (i know this old but its still fun) with new costumes and stams as before

-new cc costumes (wereolves and bulls was old, maybe new costumes would be very good)

-i remember a halloween, where u could drop costume hunting arlekin, punchinello and those 4 clowns, and before access here, u ned to get joker card at secret sanctuary. I liked too much that, why not make it again? Maybe with another 4 good minibosses or even bosses?

-Fredde krueger costume (lmao we can get jason, why not freddie? XD)

-Update life steal weapons

-dg halloween: last was from wally the puppet. Need to activate levers and if one partner forger one he is ducked or he can duck the party. Was getting bored. But, i have an idea. Darkness! Visibility is reducted once u enter in dg, u can see only in 5 yards (no minimap aviable). But near at entrance, u could touch a candle. Then u can see 1-2 yards more, and minimap. But that candle will end fast, so u need to be faster. Eveey zone has candle to take. Mobs? Maybe as technology mechanics, by waves, could be good.

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I like the limited vision idea. Really cool to see it happening in the future.


The other points also make sense, it wouldn't actually make sense repeating the whole thing again with the same costumes n stuff.

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Poio explained such Idea in our guild chat already. I'm glad he proposed it here too, but I'm afraid that the event is ready already, they will need just some tests.


I hope they won't reject such idea though

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