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Recently I got pvp with elasiribd who is one of the most famous player in Warspear Online. Also he is full +10 with full great enchants and full ferocity . He have more than 1000 dmg with %45 ferocity also he is in lvl 8 guild magnacarta which has great buffs. All these stats makes him invincible , or not ?? Lets check the video guys :) 



Check my and his stats :

 bandicam 2016-10-21 18-30-32-222.jpgbandicam 2016-10-21 18-30-59-410.jpg

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Ninja bro, Watch better that video please. It's ela who starts attacking. And he proved how does he act, and how he needed about 3 pots to get rid of him. Imo, if that's how ela defines "being the Best", he needs to know how to pvp

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Emh, what u proving here?

You in lvl 9 guild + 3 stars, u ganked him at 1:25 and still died xd

Maybe he wasn't ready, and u can use pots too

Lol really ?  :crazy:  :crazy:  He used 3pots also heal skill 2x . It is not enough ? Yeah 9lvl guild but he is in magnacarta(8lvl guild) so this is same. 3 stars create an equality for me , but still not yet , his stats far higher than me  :mega_shok: Before reacording he ganked me first you can ask the guys in video , and I killed him there so he get mad used ls , used pots and killed me so I went there again and record a video , so he knows I am coming back   ::)

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Ninja do not forget how ela was. Try look around the elf chat, and ask some good-reputated ppl to talk about ela... Don't forget also how he made up stories when TheFamily won AoA in tour 2 years ago.

Do not trust him too much just because he killed Hassn ( which I actually liked that video, I had a good laugh over it ).

P.S. the shitty attitude of ganking is a common thing that ela has. He ganked me as well once, ask Crowle or any other guy in YinYang.


P.P.S: Ela can do whatever he wants. All I am askig hin is showing proves of what he always says ( mind to get this sentence properly. If any of you dwelling EU isn't OR , worse, doesn't want to, well, that's your problem ). I've recently talked to an elf, who says he is an High Ego'd player.

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