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Guide for beginner!

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After researching a lot and play with different classes, I chose to play ranger same. I know it's one of the most complicated classes at the moment of the game, especially in dis respect its defense and therefore their survival, but it is the kind of class that I like and always played in golds rpg's. There are several information somewhat useful about the class, but a lot of them are outdated, due to recurring updates and their dynamic changes of the same. Thus, someone who understands well the class could provide information / updated guides the class to help me? It would be more about the Skills, Items, crystals, runes, etc. If possible from the lowest level to the highest.

Thank you very much in advance!

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Ranger is the perfect class for you if you enjoy pve more than pvp, if you want to focus more on pvp, id recommend a paladin or a bladedancer.

for a ranger, since you have a ranged attack, id try to focus on accuracy and penetration builds,  attack speed is also your friend in this case. 


bows are used for dps, xbows are used for bursting. 


skill build depends on your game preference, if you like bursting,, then maximise your attacking skills, like powershot and fire arrows(expert skill), if you enjoy pve more, skills like bitterness (expert skill) could increase you dps significantly.


feel free to pm me in game if you need some extra information or post here :) 


urscrewed, EU

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