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Is it just me or are the Life seals in the Temple of seals arena the most stupid thing ever?

You can play well, beat those +10 parties but they will just use seals over and over until they kill you. I knew this game is p2w but I didn´t know its that bad....

I´d suggest completly removing them.

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Totally fully completely agreed.

Arena is already a win for the +10er but at least sometimes, sometimes you and your team play way better than them and kill them until they start spamming life seals.




1- Waiting 20 seconds gives you full HP and using Seal gives you 50%. instantly reviving is an enough advantage for the Seal user.

Sometimes the one team kills the second with only 1 survivor left, and maybe 3 with around 10% HP left for each, then you see 3 full HP coming to you again then they camp spawn areas. Completely unfair.

2- Completely remove and decrease the waiting time (10-15 seconds) to enable fair comebacks.

3- Drastically increase the prices so that using so many in one fight isn't profitable.

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I remember it said that the respawn timer is quite long so throwing yourself at the foe to die and respawn/swarm them wont work.


What a ducking lie


Also life seal user have full hp but normal respawn only half, which is so much worse.


Lifeseals are unprofitable but the only thing that matters is ap anyway so those fags wont stop using them no matter how expensive they become

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Devs should not remove life seals, but make them a bit different. Instead of needing to buy them there would be an option to instantly revive, however it will remove some ap earned in that battle.

It should decrease the use of them due to the fact that using it a lot would be much more expensive.

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Just want to support the author, agreed 100%! :good:

Fu*k the skill and team play, just spam 3 miracle coins seal and win... :facepalm:


We all know devs will never remove it... But it would be nice, as some ppl already said, to add some penalty to user of seal.

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