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Warlock Life steal questions

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I have searched for this forum for this and either found nothing or data I assumed to be outdated as the posts were from 2014,


1.Is life steal viable on the lock? If so is there a percentage cap or how much should I be aiming for? Should I worry about it at lower levels, if so what level should I start to focus on that gear?


2. With lifestyle gear is exhaustion still not a worthwhile skill to obtain? If so how many points should be spent


Are there easily obtained items for lifesteal or places that could be farmed for drops? I am currently level 14 so I have some leveling ahead of me but I am trying to get some bearing on my end game goals, obviously being a lock pvp would be my primary focus.


Thank you for your responses, I have asked in game and had a couple answers but they were vague.

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Lifesteal can be a huge help for locks, but keep in mind those gear and runes are somewhat expensive and difficult to find. I don't know of any "easily obtainable" items. One good time to purchase life-steal items is towards the end or just after the end of the Halloween event. Prices tend to be high at the start of the event and then drop off with time.


Note also that different gear have different life-steal percentages, and in some cases the percentages are so low that you might be better off with a different bonus.


My life exhaust is at level 1, and as far as I know it's not worth studying that skill to higher levels.


Good luck.

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life steal items r good, but in some items u lose hp when u choose life steal, like 22 life steal amulet doesnt have hp but it got penetration instead of hp. if you do arenas there you need hp also. u get enough life steal from enchanting rings cape amulet , if you got for example skyfire rings 20lv, life steal amulet 20lv with hp and ls 2.2, + some cloak lvl 20, u get 15.6% life steal (if you enchanted vampirism rune in rings + cloak + amulet) + good hp, means if you got 400 magic damage, you get 40-50 hp every normal hit you do on normal mobs, more from damage skills like arrow of darkness. life steal gain depends also on your penetration (so better get it too little bit) works in arenas and pve

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