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Please help me out here!!


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Okey this sounds abit dumb... but i deleted my warspear and downloaded it again... When i started the game i had to log in.. But i totally forgot my account username and password... Is there any chance i can do something else?

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It happaned to me before(we must set our own email and psssword)

Report to support,give all your char details(things only u know) this way i recover my acc....good luck

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same thing happened to me a long time ago. It took about a week to get acc back bc of slow replies, and they kept asking for more info. they will ask:


when did you create the acc?

give the names, classes, and lvls of your characters in that acc

how much gold, ccs, mcoins you had

where your char was located

Any specific items equipped or in bag

email used for mcoin payment

Plus anything else specific you would remember


Edit: once you get it back, set an email/password for the future :)

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