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W'lock passive skill (Power of Relaxation) Re-Work

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As u can see this expert skill more or less useless tbh as retribution rune can easily cancel it on pvp, some long range damn nab mobs 1 hit and booom the passive gone cant even stay longer than one sec lel no wonder dev called it " relax " cause it dont do much it just relax~ enuf said.


If only devs can adjust it a bit like,


(Power of Relexation) passive


Damage increases when you , minion or party member get damaged by enemies. Damage increase as the level get higher.


Atack increase : 2.0%? Perhaps

Duration : 9sec

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- It should have a chance to be removed when the warlock gets hit


- The cooldown should be decreased entirely, as well as with its level progression.


The only two ways of making that skill semi-decent without people ♥♥♥♥♥ing on the forum about how OP it is.



And the skill sucks, even passed level 1, both in pvp and pve (most cases).

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