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Irselnort PvP Rules?

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So today I noticed an elf guy in the MC part of Irselnort and he was actually attackable - does Irselnort actually allow unrestricted PK among the two alliances? That sounds really fantastic. Now I understand what the game's Google Play description meant when it mentioned "Open PvP". :)


Now here's the thing:


Are there any guidelines to Irselnort PvP?


Because if there isn't any proper system in place, why aren't there enemy parties constantly causing havoc in the other side of the island? I only ever see one or two small one-man attacks.


Thanks for answers.

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There are NO pvp rules. Everything ingame what players are saying was invented by themselves, some for their own benefits in pvp, e.g. mountain clan/forsaken players claime it's prohibited for druids to use secret link in a pvp because you have to use it on a party member to make it effective, so they say it's 2 vs 1. But actually you can use it if you want to. The only "rule" that exists to start a fair and wanted pvp between two players is to use a buff skill as sign, e.g. rogue dodge, shaman heal, bd parry or counter strike, priests aura etc. , a skill which doesn't have a negative effect on your opponent until the fight starts.


You probably see less people attacking on Irselnort because it's an old map, most of the players lv20+ have moved on to the new map called Ayvondil.


However, on Irselnort is a cave called pvp cave by the players, I don't know if you have ever been there or heard of it, there often are many people to fight 1 vs 1.

But there also are some people on mc and on elves who find it funny to distract those pvps and kill random people in a fight :/

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There is no rule, lvl or pk-limit (but no bonus/loot too)

Indeed later u get quests "enforcing" 10-15 kills (lvl 18+)

But most wars/pvp happens near Nadir, just few bored rogues adventure further

1) Quests asking you to PvP someone? :o


2) So people can run back to neutral Nadir when they're injured? xD

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Under 'permission' I meant if you kill anyone for the quest, it not in any way considers a gank.

Since gankers are miserable people, you might not want to be one of them, but with bounty quests a lvl 24 can also kill 14 ones without having to worry about being one :)

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2) Yes, or just die, u lose nothing (I bet u come from Tibia :D)

You lost your bet ;)


I came from a very PK-oriented game where you lose levels at death, but fortunately levels didn't matter at PvP because of how the system works (percentage-based damage). Was fun, but it had its shortcomings unfortunately.


As for Tibia, never tried it because of some reviews about how you had to pay money to access some places :/ That's lame.

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Omfg I'm already getting stressed regearing my warspear characters once a year .-. Or every two years. Tibia would be my death x.x

You actually only lose xp in Tibia. At least on ME (Mobile Edition). But yes, you need to buy access to islands. Mobs drop gear tho, and you get redeem codes if you don't play for a lot of time. I got 1000 Platinums just from those codes :D (100 each code)
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"Open PvP" it means you have areas where you're able to attack and be attacked without restrictions 24/7 if you want. 1x1...4x1..15X50..and so on 


This is the rule used in serious PvPs: going to an area without mobs, gankers or negative effects (the most apropriate is the Ayvondil hall - T1) and call one player who isn't going to fight and he/she says: "go" or "3..2..1, go" in chat area. Because even with the "sign rule", one player loses a few milliseconds that allow the other player to use a skill..etc 


Anyway, worry about improving your char, the better it's the easier you will deal with any PvP situation

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