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Acute flamberge lvl 15 arena sword color orange is gone. Where did it goes? .... As i remember acute blade and acute flamberge is different and i saw both swords 1 year ago. Acute blade is banana shape sword like scout glad. While acute flamberge is a straight edge orange sword like the shape of acute gladius lvl 13

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Acute flamberge stats before. Resilience, accuracy, critical. Its kinda rare stat for arena SWORDS. Thats why maybe devs deleted sword . So sad :(

I don't think it has been deleted. Just the fact that no one farms thse t4 bossed anymore because of the level restrictions killed it for many.
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Dmurk lvl 14 DK :diablo:  us saphire can easily beat ur rouge    :dirol:


I dont play anymore on this rogue xd but anyway it was good damager



nowadays I play just lock, its not best ones but still good ;)

look Im using 1lvl staff vs full +10



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