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I have a lot time playing warspear, but the first my archivements, can see i have complete "Bloody harvest III", "It's time for cleaning III" and "Easy job III" for this archivements need kill:

-Monster Elite class

-Monster Strong class

.Monster Normal class


My question is.

How i know which is a Elite, Strong, Normal, Miniboss and Boss npc?

but only know what the stun skill no have effect in boss.

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Blue - Normal

Green - Strong

Yellow - Elite (Miniboss, i think)


Red -  Boss

Red with sparkly gold -  Raid Boss (spawn, faceless, elm, enginner, etc)


correct me if anything wrong.

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From it's crown color and sometimes higher rank monsters have higher HP. Also from their drop.

Normal=blue crown

Strong=green crown

Elite=yellow crown

Boss=red crown 

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