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Warspear Test-Server

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Just read that. Roughly translated:

All testers will be granted an additional 500 Miracle coins on your account, and 200k gold on each character. In addition, in the Tent of Miracles for 1 World Championship will be available to book oblivion and elixirs knowledge of green knight [Test] that would immediately give 1k + experience on the character (you can use any number) . Keep in mind that these bonuses are only available on the test server! 

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10 minutes ago, Daria said:


Nope, it's only for the test, so that you could test all skills at the maximum, including the expert ones.

Nice, would be good this way whenever you guys release new expert skill, so that we can test each class new skill:drinks:

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The 3rd part of testing the update 7.2 will be held on Saturday, 10/21/2017. The test server will be started approximately at 14:00 MCK.

Test clients, as always, are only available for Android and PC (clients are the same as in the second stage):

Android 4.0.0 and lower 
All Android 4.0.3 and higher
Windows Desktop 
Windows Desktop BETA (full screen) 


All testers will be granted an additional 500 Miracle Coins on their accounts and 100k gold on each character. Oblivion Books, Seeker Stamina Elixirs, Tickets for attractions, Life and Teleportation Scrolls and will be in the Miracle Shop for 1Mc. Keep in mind that these bonuses are only available on the test server!


Test will be open and available to everyone.


Report found bugs here: https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/forum/143-отчеты-о-найденных-багах/


Test the quests, attractions, dungeons and more. All information can be found in the announcement https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/61195-20171018-update-warspear-online-72-realm-of-nightmares-preview/


Created by: Daria

Original topic: [2017.10.20] Тестирование обновления 7.2. Эпизод III

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